Sunday, October 30, 2011

You can tell the natives, they have coats.

Another morning at McDonalds. A little excitement this morning. A little cool, like in the mid to upper 60’s. Flies seek the inside of McDonalds. Sherry was gone to get more coffee and I was watching these two little flies. They looked like twins. They have 6 legs and are neat to watch. I finally started a conversation. I asked if they were twins, I think one answered, but since I cannot hear, I figured it said yes. I told them not to land on my cup, I hear nowadays that you guys carry germs, I would have sworn one shook it’s eyes no. He looked trustworthy.

Now today, Sherry had stationed us by the door so she could sit in the sun. I was behind the rack  by the door where folks put their trays. I glanced and about two feet away was an old man looking over the trays at me. I smiled and said, “I’m just talking to these two flies.”  He cocked his head, smiled and went out the door. He was from up north, he had on a t-shirt and shorts.

The local Floridians come in in coats, scarfs and hats, the ones from up north still have shorts and T’s and wonder about the folks in coats.

I noticed something strange. A lot of old couples got out of nice cars coming in for breakfast. The men were gray or bald, but amazingly most of the older women have never turned gray, their hair was black, brunette or blond. That is probably due to genetics (or something).

Lots of folks just stop to use Ronald’s bathroom.

Something I have noticed about fast food places near an Interstate, they do not have paper towels in the restrooms, just the blowers. They also do not put out salt and pepper shakers, I guess it is because they tend to walk out with the crowd and migrate.

An old couple shuffled in with a young guy assisting them. The old man was wearing a USMC hat. You never know if they have hired him or he is a grandson driving the old folks around.

Lots of old men have ball caps telling what team they support or the branch of service in which they served. By far the most prominent military hat is USMC.

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Cher' Shots said...

I would have been concerned if the flies actually answered you but just a shake of the eyes is okay. LOL Funny thing - Thom is graying but my 'genetics' is keeping me young!
'love & hugs from afar'

madcobug said...

Maybe the older looking men have ditched their wives and got younger looking ones. LOL. Talking to flies, now that is something. Helen

Anonymous said...

I'm sure most of the older ladies without gray hair the color was out of a bottle, lol. It's COOL here today my computer says 65.Take care. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know I see gals older than me without a gray hair on their heads and I marvel at how much younger they look. That doesn't make me want to dye mine though...I earned all of my crown of silver and I'm proud of it. I remember visiting down south in January when one of my sister's babes was born and how everyone was dressed like it was 30 degrees instead of 70...Of course being from the north I had my shorts and a t shirt on. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Those flies may have had their shots. Wonder
is they came by before going to Church. We talk
to animals why not flies. We are having cool
weather but sunny.


That corgi :) said...

Sounds like another good morning at McDonald's people watching and talking to flies. I remember our first year we moved back down here from Montana, I wouldn't wear a coat when it was 60 degrees, heck that was heatwave in Montana in winter. Everyone else was complaining how cold it was. Second year I was wearing a coat at 60 degrees and complaining of the cold :)

So true about baseball caps and older men; hubby's dad wears one from one of the ships he served on.


Anonymous said...

I just found out last night that a guy who does the sound at our local bluegrass jam served in the Marines from '64 to '68. I had him pegged for a younger man than that (and I probably wouldn't have pegged him as a Marine either, lol). Now if he had worn a cap, I might have had a clue, lol.
Cojak, don't let their appearances fool you - flies are NOT trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

What great mean to measure time and life. Can't remember when last I've been inside a McDonalds.

Nearly 70 during midday over here. Lemons in our garden are turning yellow. Can't wait for Christmas. Please have you all a good new week.

Paula said...

Our company from Alaska used the air conditioner or ceiling fan while John and I were thinking of getting out some heaters.


I've been fascinated with flies on windows. Particularly when I'm alone sipping my raspberry tea. They keep me company. LOL Got a kick out of you talking to a couple. Here's a twist for you... my hubby at 73 has dark hair, with just a sprinkling of gray and yours truly is almost all gray being a bit younger. A place here keeps ketchup on the table. Can't tell you how many times I see someone walking out with it. Take care.

Lucy said...

I never start conversations with flies or bugs. Don't like em and figure they don't like me any better. Have not been to McDonalds for years. Haven't been any where in years.

Fred Alton said...

Ha! Talking of flies - two of them met on the beach. One had a great healthy looking tan, the other was pale and timid looking. The pale fly asked the tanned one, "How'd you get such a nice tan?" "Well..." he replied, "I was up North in the snow and flew into a young ladies pocketbook. Next day I was here on the beach! But man, what happened to you? Why so pale?" "Oh...six months ago I was in Amsterdam and and saw a crumb in a dutchwoman's purse. I was hungry so flew in to eat and she closed the purse. It was only Yesterday, she let me out here in Florida!"