Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun & Games

Many folk put in their blogs their fun family times. Telling the games played and things done for fun. I am looking around me and I am trying to get together the things we do for fun (that I can tell!!) When I was a kid, ‘kick the can’ and hide and seek are the earliest I remember. Later there was “Red Rover Red Rover”, I still do not know where the name came from.


I enjoyed playing ‘hop Scotch’ with Shirl, but I was not much for jumping rope. Of course there were the ball games. I remember taking my bike to the school ball fields one Saturday morning and determining I would learn to ride the bike backwards before the day was out. I did. Bike riding was a lot of fun. It was not ‘extreme’ as it is today.


(Of course Shirl’s was drawn in the dirt, and we chose a pretty piece of glass or a rock to pitch. It was a Girl’s game but I liked it.)

There were seasons of games; I know marbles were played in the spring and summer. You can get in trouble for ruining a good pair of overhauls (I never knew they were over-all's until I was grown.) Also at my house I was not supposed to play for ‘keeps’ cause that was gambling, but of course I was a boy, so I did it. I loved marbles. My mama had a scripture she made up, “Marble not!” taking it from the terms in scripture, “Marvel not.”

I loved kite season also, I made my kites. I have watched kite flying today and we were so tame. None of my kites would do the stuff these kites do today.

Now as seniors, we go places where they have shuffle board and horse shoes, but we do not join them. But I do love to pitch horse shoes.

Now our fun is Yard Sales, looking for books. Or just walking and talking. We also like to back pack but haven’t done that in a couple years now. We may make one more big stab at it next year, if family and friends stay well. I guess you could consider eating out a sport, we do it enough.

At home we play cards on our computers. Buddy gave me a truck to play with; I have run the batteries down and will have to replace them soon. We read of course, for entertainment.

Do you like crosswords or Sudoku? Sherry likes both those, I don’t mind a good cross word puzzle every once in awhile.

Sometimes we have fun cooking.

Fun like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I think. Thank you for stopping by the Log.

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This  apple car has got to be used to it’s fullest.  I could eat one of those about now. Mel, Cher, & Dar would be getting’ ready to can.


madcobug said...

We used to play hopscotch, tag, freeze tag, jack stones, London Bridge is falling down, used to go in the woods with hills with my brother, uncle, and cousins and slide down hills on a homemade slide or a homemade toy called a truck wagon. I played marbles also. Walked on sticks called Tom walkers. Stepped on cans and walked on them over our shoes, cowboys and Indians, yes I played that also. Fishing, now my fishing days are over, play some computer games, geocache when able to get out. Do a lot of loafering around on this computer LOL. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Other than the family times I get, my fun is a lot like yours. I do not eat out a lot though. Nor have I ever backpacked. Fun is in the eye of the beholder. Many would think my life is too quiet, but not me, I love it that way. Hope all is going well with that tooth. I know you must be glad to have that done and over.


This post reminded me of being a kid. Hop-Scotch and playing Jacks were always my favorites. Ollie Ollie In Free was fun around dusk. These days for entertainment I search for bargain books, READ, do word puzzles, play MahJong on the computer or challenge my hubby with the board game Pente. Love PENTE. And of course we also love to eat out and try new things in the kitchen. Take care. Have fun doing the things you do.

Sonya said...

hmmmm....most of my life I was an only child. Had a few friends here and there and we played games and I loved it. Pick up sticks was a favorite. Cards were good. Loved to play card games. Haven't played in forever. I was goofy at sports and when computers came into our world. I was always at one! Most of my playing comes from there and artsy stuff and working puzzles, playing solitaire and reading. My sister came along when I was 10. But we were far apart in age and the playing was more like Frogger on Atari. lol

Paula said...

We keep a crossword puzzle going in the bathroom all time (can I say that here) whoever is in there can work on it. Not sanitary someone will say. Then there is Annie Over, Mother May I, oh and Canasta. I taught my girls to play that at young age.

Anonymous said...

I loved to jump board. The higher the better.
I remember Nurse Hattie saying Mrs. Darnell
you better stop that child from jumping board she is going jar all her insides out of place.
I guess it didn't hurt I am still here sll
together. I jumped double rope that was fun.


That corgi :) said...

Fun walk down memory lane reading about the games you played in your youth. Sadly, lots of those I bet aren't played any more though every so often I do see a hopscotch board (is that what they call them) on the sidewalk. I love to play games but usually don't have anyone to play them with; card games, board games, Scrabble is my favorite. I play, when I have time, online games, just anything to keep the mind busy and engaged.

Good for Sherry with Sudoku. I haven't been able to really get into that. But I think really games like that, word search, crossword puzzles, etc are good for keeping the brain working. I remember my mom always doing word search puzzles and she was sharp as a tact in her final years.

Reading is also a good thing too!


Anonymous said...

This post brought back sweet memories for me. I have four siblings. We did not have a TV growing up, so we entertained ourselves. We spent countless hours roaming the woods, climbing trees, riding bikes, wading in puddles, building "forts," swimming, and things like that. We ejoyed role playing games that we made up like "Errand Boy and Girl" and of course we "fought the Germans." The trees had names like "The Arrowhead Oak" where we found so many arrowheads. And we named our favorite destinations in the woods such as "The Steep Hill," "Ivy Points," "Poplar Springs," and "Wonderland."
We sang a lot (unaccompanied by music and usually as loud as we wanted). My older brother was especially partial to silly songs like "Old Joe Clark." We made knock-offs of songs to fit every occasion. We made up a song for the Special Forces that were doing a practice "manuever" dubbed "Pineland" near us. It was to the tune of "This Land Was Made For You and Me" It started like this, "This land is your land, this land is my land, from the Pee Dee River, we call it Pineland..." or something like that.
We gathered wild berries by the gallons, we hauled rocks from the garden on sleds and built a little wall enclosure which we called a fort. We played until it got dark and then we would watch lightning bugs or stargaze.
When we got together with cousins, we would play "Red Light, Green Light, Stop" and "Mother May I." Tag was always fun after church. (I always tried to catch the pastor's son.;-))
Nowadays I enjoy planting flowers, shrubs, and trees. I still love walking in the woods. I would love to play Scrabble if I could find someone who wanted to do it with me. I thoroughly enjoy Sudoku! I've done a little geocaching with my son, and played a little disc golf with him. We also go canoeing occasionally.

Ruby said...

growing up in Fl. we ( brother, cousins) would catch lightning bugs :) ,play red rover, tarzan loved to swing on the grape vines, loved basketball and monopoly,scrabble if it was raining. We loved the outdoors and swimming and fishing ,the springs were the most fun ( Silver Springs before it became a touristy place) pay,0.50 and swim all day and now you can't get them out lol now..I love walks, reading , and camping boating and love my computer games too...

Fred Alton said...

What do I like to do for fun? Flying a Cessna is so much fun! It can be enjoyed by the whole family too. (Especially if you don't have more than two kids) you can take a trip together in a Cessna 172. Scuba Diving is another sport that I have enjoyed very much. Going down into the Indian Ocean around the Coral Reefs off the North Coast of Kenya - and off into the Pemba Channel was loads of joy. Two reasons I don't do those things anymore are 1) expense; and 2) old age! Golfing is another thing I've enjoyed in the past but now the two sets of clubs are gathering cob-webs. Ha. Hunting and Fishing are the things I continue to do these days that bring lots of joy. They cost too, if you count the price of the guns, 4X4's, boats, rods and reels depth finders, fish locaters, GPS units, etc. Playing with the computer? Does that qualify? Solitaire? Checkers or Chess? Painting Pastoral scenes with oil paint? Do these things count? Amateur Radio (or "short wave") was another of my favorite hobbies. I guess it's like Frances says, "Most people have one hobby. You want to do everything!"

Lucy said...

I liked Jacks, hopscotch, puzzles and riding our pony. I loved horse back riding, Computer so I can complain about my Problems,I used to read but my eyes are really not that good any more. So I watch CNN and evening shows. Movies to expensive.