Sunday, October 23, 2011

This may be nothing, but

I have waxed our home. I have used Turtle wax rubbing compound, blu-wax liquid, Mcguires super duper wax and Turtle wax Liquid in a green container. Shirl, my sweetest sister, recommended the last.  I knew it had to be good because her car is always brite and shiny.

turtle I used

Well the stuff Shirl recommended was the best. I need to go back and touch up some, but it must look pretty good one of the volunteers at the park stopped un on one of our walks and said the coach looked great.


Oh yes! we had a great evening. My sweetheart popped corn and made hot chocolate and we enjoyed it around the campfire. along with just good conversation, it was a great time.  I made a date for the next night. NOT FOR POP CORN, LUCY! LOL


We are trying to settle into a routine of Soup and beans during the week. I make some kind of low-calorie soup that will last two days and Sherry makes beans and cabbage and maybe salmon patties. those feed for two days also.  If we have veggie pizza at Pizza Hut over the weekend (we always have some left over to freeze) Then on one night with my soup we will have pizza. We are both trying to loose the extra pounds gained on the cruise.

If you read Roses Are Read lately, you got some advice of prescription drugs. Rose seldom posts without having some life-associated advice or ideas. I am having second thoughts of my statin prescription, myself. Not sure if it is a generic problem or not.  I have seldom had cramps, but in the last few months I have been awaken with cramps in my legs. And dadgummit I don’t like it. I hate writing the word cholesterol, because I have a problem spelling it.

Thinking of that, I think of our friend Melanie up in Wisconsin, going to Nursing school (OR SOMETHING), learning all the technical terms and ‘long words’, that us neophytes avoid. 

Now I am through with this entry, have I said anything? I am afraid to go back and check. LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: (Our friend Bill, used to say he liked my blog because he could read the print without a magnifier)

When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.


Tonight's car:


1952 Chrysler


betty said...

You know, Jack, that is a side effect with statins with muscle aches; I'd double check with your doctor. I think medicine is wonderful and needed in a lot of cases, I'm just not sure in all cases how effective it is, especially if the side effects are worse than what you are trying to treat. There's a fine balance on using medicines and abusing them; I often wonder how anyone can take over 20 meds a day (and yet I have typed the list of meds that long). I have to laugh, every time you spell cholesterol, you do spell it right!

Good idea to drop the weight before it creeps on and stays on!!

Sounds like your evening was a fine one!!


Sheila Y said...

You didn't use any of that wax on your head did you? :D You know I love popcorn, that looks so inviting sitting around the campfire with your cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn. Well really anything sounds nice around the campfire. Have a great week, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love campfires and my daughter makes some of the best popcorn around too, but seeing you all sitting there with palm trees in the background and short sleeves with out a coat makes me wonder do you enjoy the fire for the warmth? We have some evenings in the summer that we light a fire and don't need the warmth of it but those are very far and few between. I got out and enjoyed the sun for a few hours this afternoon. It felt wonderful! Our high today is about mid 60's and soon we won't be seeing even that. I did read about what Rose had to was pretty scary...everyone needs to weigh the benefits against the side effects. Take care !

Paula said...

I can never remember how to spell co les trol either. Watch those plants behind you. I was trimming mine yesterday and raised up and stuck one of those points into my head but it does look like a nice place to relax and chat.

Fred Alton said...

Sounds like you're having the most wonderful time of your lives. Sitting around the camp-fire with pop-corn and soup and beans and the occasional pizza thrown in! I'm sure the polishing of the motor coach looks great. Sorry about the side effects on your RX that causes the muscle cramps. I have had a few of those and I don't like 'em a'tall! I've been told to eat a banana daily to help avoid the cramps.

Anonymous said...

Jack I have heard about certain meds giving
cramps. I like you wonder what they give helps or hurts. I think Smoky stopped something because of that. Better if you can find your Dr.
to check. You know can get our cholesterol down by what we eat. But the other stuff taste
so good.



Bet the Turtle Wax did wonders for the RV. You and your honey sure looked all comfy, cozy next to the campfire. Made me hungry for some popcorn. Sorry to hear about the cramps in your legs, you ought to talk to your doctor about it. Could be something more serious. Take care.

Lucy said...

Joe could not live to long without statins. He has aches and pains but one thing he does faithfully is eat a banana a day for the potassium. You should talk to your doctor. Maybe with a strict diet you would not need the statin if you kept to the diet, and it brought , that dreaded word I can not spell, it down. Glad you waxed your home. About the popcorn, better stick to popcorn on that

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! we had a great evening. My sweetheart popped corn and made hot chocolate and we enjoyed it around the campfire. along with just good conversation, it was a great time.<<<because you really appreciate things that other let pass them by. And reading this blog makes me think about that & appreciate those things too. ~Mary