Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lost in Florida

Just to clarify things, this wasn’t my first cruise. I crossed that Atlantic when I was 17 or 18 yrs old. That is when the Gunny Sergeant told me folks paid good money for cruises like we were on. That was on an LST then on an AKA, Then a couple times on an aircraft carrier. But to be honest this cruise was much shorter, but with my girl, was much more fun. haha!

It seems after a big deal like the cruise I am a little lost. I bought a random orbital polisher at a yard sale and have been trying it on the motor home. Not happy yet with the results. If you have used one or someone you know has, ask them if they put the polish or wax on the buffer or the car before they start. Thanks.

Oh, normal aggravating stuff with the motor home. Our awnings, over the windows, slides, patio and door  are spring loaded. Two in the front awning just broke as we were moving here to the state park. They ain’t cheap. It is frustrating because the ones we had before made by a company called A & E, lasted five or six years and we replaced only one spring. This will be the sixth spring in the same amount of time, but these are made by Care Free of Colorado. Something ain’t right.


(The awning springs that are broke are in the large awning)

But since we chose this life, we accept it, but I must gripe a little. Coming down to the end of the year and it just adds to the expense. But, we don’t cut grass, clean gutters or pay property taxes on this rolling home, so shut up already. OKAY!

Okay to real physical life. We left Florida early last year and went to Ypsilanti, MI to try to assist Sherry’s Bro in the hospital. Two things were scheduled before we left, my root canal and front end alignment on the coach. I canceled both. I was not able to reasonably find replacements for either.

The front end delay cost us two tires at about $900. That hurt. I have been petting this tooth with peroxide, alcohol, and tea bags. Well finally back in Florida it is next Tuesday and I cannot wait. It will be great. A root canal, I can’t wait. Only 7 months late(I love pain).


Okay, here we are off the ship and I miss it. But if I was there I would eat tooooooo much, dadgummit.

So I will wax the coach, fuss about the prices I have for the springs, and go on with life here in central Florida. I know you  guys hate it for me.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Did I read that sign right?

Notice in a farmer's field:

Car of the day is a 1950 Chevrolet Business Coupe

1950 business1950-chevrolet-styleline-business-coupe

Of course our looked like the last one, funny thing, Sherry thinks it was green, and I powder blue. We have no pictures, if we did they are black and white anyway. 55 yrs later it really doesn’t matter, does it.

I tore up the whole left hand side the week before we got married. We drove it for months like that. I have noticed lately more cars are being driven damaged, I am sure it is the economy.


Anonymous said...

Cher' Shots said...
It seems no matter where you hang your hat or park your wheels, expenses follow! Ours comes big time in the form of property taxes! ARGH! I hope you find some 'springs' before spring!
'love & hugs from afar'

October 4, 2011 11:15 AM
Paula said...
Sorry you have to have that root canal. Yep the taxes are hitting us now. Sure seems to come around fast. Guess no matter what you own there is that up-keep but yes it helps to vent and thats what we friends are for.

October 4, 2011 11:20 AM
I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...
If it's not one thing it seems it is another. I had to have someone replace the thermostat here at home, the it seems my furnace isn't working right at the camper. My awning there isn't spring loaded that I know of but it's getting a lot of those tiny microscopic pin holes in it and I know it won't last much longer...see we all have something. Sorry to hear about Sherry's brother being in the hospital and about your tooth too. Here is hoping they both get better soon. When we used to polish the car I know we'd wax it up first then polish but I'm not sure about RV's. We wash ours about once a year at the campground with some stuff DS#1 got from camping world and when it dries it shines really pretty. Good luck with your polishing. Oh, and the sun is shinning here finally and it's 69 degrees today !

October 4, 2011 11:58 AM

Anonymous said...

I have messed up my account some how with live writer, again do not laugh, LUCY lol. Hope to be back on as normal soon.

Anonymous said...

Care Free of Colorado sounds too good to be true.

Fred Alton said...

As always, I loved reading your blog today. We went out to Mrs. Winner's for fried chicken today, then on to pay the property taxes. After that we went by the bank and then drove through the car-wash where our waxing was done as part of the process. As I remember it, you put the "Turtle Wax" on the car first, then use the buffer to shine. Be sure you don't wax more than you can buff off. About a quarter of the car at a time if memory is working right. Ha. Those were the days!!! I think I only did that once...possibly twice.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your tires & tooth Jack, :/ Bill Johnny, REALLY!!! he he he Love ya! ...Candy...

Sonya said...

Happy root canal! Hope all is going well. Sorry to hear of your problems with the camper awning. Things like that are aggravating. It's like our plumbing here. Never ends. The whole thing needs replaced but who can afford that but piece by piece and issue by issue? Take care!

Dar said...

About that buffer, wax on, wax off, buff last...but as Fred put it, a little at a time...have fun...big job.
Gripe away, we all do it~~~
Now, about that cruise I've finally had the chance to read about!~FANTASTIC that You and YOUR LOVE, SHERRY, had such a wonderful opportunity to relax.
You two are such lovebirds. I love reading about it.
And about teeth and root canals, Bill just had 3 teeth pulled, another 4 next month, then a plate...I think it's a new Halloween treat for the GrandLoves!Ha!


OUCH! A root canal. Good luck with that. You won't believe the difference it'll make. Pain gone. Sorry to hear about your awning springs and how costly they are. I hope you find replacements that last this time. Always something to pay for. It's ok to gripe a little. Take care.

That corgi :) said...

I just don't think they make things like they used to; it does seem like lots of springs going out on you guys! Maybe time to try a different company or are they a monopoly?? I bet in the end you will be glad to have gone through the root canal to get some relief from the toothache!!


Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of you outside your Home ~ Ally x
Ally Lifewithally@blogspot.com

Debbie said...

Be careful with that buffer, you'll buff the paint right off if you aren't careful!

Hope you can find good springs this time. If it ain't one thing it's another! That's the way life goes!