Thursday, October 20, 2011

The little things

From the beginning of our RV’ing life I have had a small 1’x1’x3/4” piece of plywood riding in the basement of our motor home. Significant? you bet. In the building business we don’t always carry a note book or clipboard. When it comes time to make a note, anything works. I have left messages for subcontractors and workers on (my favorite) scrap drywall, boards & walls. I have taken a scrap of lumber with my list to the lumber yard. Most builders have.

scan1982-84 016

(Ben with my hammer, he did become a carpenter)

scan1998 044

(Luke Vegas, on the Yanmar, I think he is going to be a military guy)

Some folk know I worked years with my son Mark. Mark turned into a master builder. I have had many folk come to me and say, you taught Mark well. I have to admit to them, I did open the way for him, but most of his techniques he learned from other carpenters. I tried to teach him honesty and that his word was his bond. I tried to teach him to give the customer more than his monies worth. I think he did. The scrap piece of 3/4 ply wood I carry is from two of the last houses we built together. We built side by side, and of course, shared the work on both houses. The scrap is a note to him that I had gone to another building site to take delivery of some bathtub/shower units. I just saved it as a memory.

scan1982-84 028

(This is Corey and Ben, Both became carpenters. I have more letters from Corey than anyone of the grandkids.)

Vernon, that I mentioned in another entry, had taken down a couple trees on these lots and got covered with poison Ivy. I remember it well. But I remember most of all the building and working with Mark.

After that he went on his own. That scrap means a lot to me. I take it out many times, no one knows but me, but I remember the good times.

scan1994-96 101

This is Mark & Corinne’s crew, Luke in our beauties arms(Sherece) , Mark and my man Matt. (Sherece is the GRANDAUGHTER!)

1993-94 024 - Copy1993-94 025

1993-94 033

My man Matt, College man now at ECU

I am a saver. This entry was inspired because I went thru a file I have, Labeled “Family”. I have most of the letters and e-mails I have received from our sons and grand kids. I have some of the basic art of 3 & 4 year olds. I am missing some, they must be in a file in storage. I have one that especially means so much, written by Matt. His Dad gave it to me, it was submitted as a HS paper, entitled someone I admire, Matt chose ‘My Grandpa’.  What a neat thing to do.

scan1998 054

(Steve & Josh, they will not be carpenters, Steve is into music & Josh is into software)

For some reason I have two report cards for Josh & Steve. I have Sherry’s Dad & Mom’s marriage license.  There is a space for nationality/race. They are listed as Americans.  So, Sherry said, “I was made in America, and that proves it.”

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Today’s car:


TR-6, Mark owned one of these.


madcobug said...

Some nice memories you carry around with you. Helen

Paula said...

Simple things mean so much.


What a wonderful family you have. Lasting memories, for sure. Enjoyed the stories and photos. Take care.

Anonymous said...


It is good we all have good memories to look
back on and keep in or heart. I have also helded
on to things. Good post.


Dar said...

I loved this Jack, straight from the heart stuff. So rightfully proud you are and it shows.
About Sherry's folks writing American in the nationality spot, my folks and myself, and I do believe all my siblings, do the same. And we too, are proud of it. Thanks for always stopping and checking in on us. We appreciate it and take your comments to heart. You are such good people. Family.

Sheila Y said...

This was a sweet entry, nothing wrong with holding on to memories. Hope you are still warm in FL. Lucy doesn't want us to speak of snow so I'm going to have to start calling it white rain... Have a great weekend, Sheila

That corgi :) said...

I like your memories you carry around, especially that piece of wood. It is interesting how many carpenters/builders came from your family!


Fred Alton said...

"Made in America!" And proud of it, I'd say. Yes, Jack, we know why that child chose to write about his grandpa! You're a great parent that has taught his children right. You are respected and loved by all who know you.

Y said...

You ol' softy, you. What a beautiful walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love that 'made n America' People are always saying it's hard to find things made in the USA but when you think about all of us...that is a lot in the making for sure!!! Families are wonderful what would we do without them??? Hope your Friday is a great one! Still cold and wet here.

Rose said...

You are blessed with wonderful memories! I loved this post. You are a wonderful man and your family knows that.

Hugs, Rose