Monday, October 3, 2011

Last of the Cruise

Some asked for more details, this should do it.

It is not necessary to climb any stairs, we do that to stay in shape for eventual back packing.  There are some 12-14 beautiful elevators on the ship and always available. There were even folks on the scooters who were unable to walk.

Paying! you cannot use a credit card or cash on the ships. On the Carnival they call it YOUR “Sign and Sail Card”.

(Front of the card on top the dining room was named Truffles on deck 2, note you insert the left end into your door to open your stateroom)

sail and sign card

(Back of the card is just like a credit card)

I was reluctant at first, not knowing exactly what to expect, but they gave me the option to deposit  cash or use my Credit Card to establish the Sign and Sail Card. It wasn’t the bugaboo I thought. The card is an all purpose card while you are aboard. It designates what dining room, table and time you have been assigned, it is also your door key.

We chose the early dinner which was 6PM. Note here: The dining room is very nice but it is not necessary to eat there. You can eat buffet style, at the restaurants aboard as part of your paid passage, at any time you choose.Less is avail after 11PM but something is avail to eat 24 hrs a day.

. There is always salad and fruit bars, and in the morning several places to get different juices, tea, or coffee. The same with many pastries, omelets, eggs to order, waffles and pancakes (plain, blueberry & Banana).

Soft serve Ice Cream and frozen Yogurt.  Also any kind of cereal, oatmeal, and various flavors of yogurt.

Sushi, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza all day. Also steaks and oriental food. The food is beautiful and very good. Really it is too much.

You are allowed to take canned drinks and bottled water aboard in a limited number. Soft drinks, mixed drinks and wine are not included in the cruise price you must use your Sign and Sail card for that.

Going ashore once, Sherry wanted a bottle of water, she gave the steward the sign and sail card and got the water. He scans it just like a credit card and you sign. $2.95 for 16oz water (not cheap). The first morning, I went to the ‘Starbucks-like’ coffee shop and charged $3.50 for Sherry a cup of fancy coffee. We charged very little.

If you use the free room service you are expected to tip the steward. We never used that anyway. After the first morning I went to one of the Restaurant self service coffee machines and got our coffee and picked up a bowl of fruit to take to the room.

Up front you know the ship will charge the Sign and Sail card automatically a certain amount for tips. Ours was $70 each for the room stewards, all the restaurants and dining hall. Figuring we had our room done three times and ate more than 20 (8 course)meals, the tip was not bad.

All in all, I think a cruise is the best bang for your buck for a vacation , especially if you search the net for  bargains or have a travel agent do it for you.

Sorry to be so worded, thanks for coming this way.

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PS1: We missed Hell. Hell was on the tour in the Cayman Islands that we did not take. Hell is a town you can send post cards to friends from. Maybe a good thing we missed it.


Did you read this sign right?

In a London department store:

Car of the day!

1937 Ford her yr

Sherry & a 1937 Ford! (At a car show we stumbled on!)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is amazing what places can charge for a bottle of water. Still who would want to have to pack that for a trip. Glad the coffee was free for you. All that food sounds wonderful. I sure have enjoyed the cruise.

shirl72 said...

Seeing if this will post.

I wish you has not mention all that food it makes me hungry. It was interesting reading
all about your cruise. Maybe you can stay put
for awhile.

The blog before this one about the bridge, can't you see me driving across it. Mercy Me.



Thank you for all this good information. Because of my bad kness I always thought a cruise would be off limits. Too much walking. Nice to know you can use a scooter. The food sounds so-oo delicious. My mouth is watering. They charge $3.50 for a bottle of water at the movie theatre too, so I guess overcharging is just what places do. Just between us, I would have had to go to Hell. LOL Sounds like you had fun, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this glimpse of the inside, which would else be unknown. I think it is a great idea to use such card, as it prevents people loose, steal money.
Never been on a cruise so far though, about hell, well ... Please have you all a good Tuesday.
(p.s.: hope you enlarged yesterdays second picture to find the English version.)

Anonymous said...

If you have to miss something...let it be hell.

I've previously read that they've done all sorts of extensive research to "discover" that people spend more when they just have to sign & go on trips. Even without the research, seems sort of obvious to me.

Starbucks "like" Shudder ;o.

Sonya said...

I've read through your cruise entries. Loved the pics and loved reading about how they do things. I have never been. George doesn't seem interested to go on one. He likes doing his own thing when and where he wants. I just like vacations period, lol. I've enjoyed reading about what I'll never get to do unless the girls all go without him. lol

Paula said...

I would probably be "country come to town" on a cruise. Wouldn't know what to do or where to do it. lol Cute picture of Sherry by that cute car.

That corgi :) said...

I can see the advantage of the Sign and Sail Card because you don't have to worry about cash, etc while you are out having fun, but I can also see people forgetting how much they signed for until they got the final bill with how much they signed for. Water at $2.95 reminds me regarding the price of water here at movie theaters ($4.00). I'm always complaining about it, even now when we don't go to movies, LOL. Ridiculous, isn't it? We can get a whole flat of 24 bottles for $3.00 (don't get me started :)

I have heard food on cruise ships is great with tons of options available; I would have sampled all I could!

Thanks again for sharing your experiences!