Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and cruise stuff.


SunskyThThe famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses the entrance to Tampa Bay. We have driven it many times and I had hoped to get a picture going under it. We were at the evening meal when we went under  and I told Sherry I will get a picture on our return. Not knowing it would be before daylight, but I tried. I was amazed how close up to the bridge the top decks were. But it was too dark to get a picture. Yep Lucy, I was up before breakfast that morning!!!

I mentioned my mistake in scheduling the tours. I have found that unless it is the most popular tour, you can buy your ticket ashore from an authorized tour guide at a more reasonable rate, plus if you are riding tenders back and forth you do not have to worry about getting there on time. I will probably never purchase an excursion ahead of time.

One last thing on the shore excursions. You can purchase them aboard ship, and that way you will be with a group from YOUR ship and they will have you back to the ship in plenty of time before sailing. (BUT BE AWARE THEY ARE ALWAYS SELLING OUT, whether they are or not) You must keep in mind local time and ships time. The ship stays on Eastern Standard Time out of the east coast.

Most of the passengers on the ship for the cruise are real folks; folks who have saved for their vacation and will be returning to work next week. You could be dining with a millionaire and not know it. I also believe there are a few actors, some who want to be someone they are not. Putting on airs and acting snobbish. BUT, then they may be just what they seem, filthy rich.

Funny thing happened on the chair lift; the lady just behind us asked Sherry if she could ride with us. We both said yes. I sat in the middle. I had to laugh just as the seat began to go up and swing a little I even heard, “Ooooooh sh-t”. I looked over at our new friend and she was white and staring into space. “I’m scared of heights”, she said. So Sherry started making small talk and I held her hand. She was on the cruise alone; her latest husband had wanted a divorce so he could play around. She was now living in her summer home in upstate NY. Sherry told her we loved the Catskills and stayed there in an RV park some. Oh, that is my summer home, my BIG house is in Ohio. I’m paying a woman $40 a day to stay there for me. We got her down and she thanked us for helping her over the ride, “I’ll walk back,” she said.

We did not go to every show, but they had some very good ones. Talented singers and dancers performing huge productions. Oh, and the most interesting to me was a juggler from Charlotte, NC, he was great. Juggling feats unbelievable.

My favorite entertainment? Evening walks on the weather decks with Sherry and smelling the salt air.

Thanks for coming by the Log.

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Jean said...

Good morning Jack and Sherry. What a beautiful bridge. I would like to visit that part of Florida again the last time was in the late sixties it's been a long time. I don't think I would get mad enough with Grover to tear up the car, truck I work to help pay for them, lol. After reading what you have to do when off ship I would be afraid to get off. I would be the one to get left behind. Take care. Jean


The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is spectacular. Gorgeous photo of it. I think it was sweet you let the lady sit with you. I'm terrified of chairlifts and ferris wheels. People from all walks of life make the world go round. Glad you had a great time. The entertainment on board the ship sounds like fun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think my favorite entertainment would be the same as yours. You two are so blessed to have each other and enjoy each others company better than most. The bridge is breathtaking. Thanks again! Sure could use some of that warmth and sunshine about now.

Paula said...

Ewww those would be my exact words on a ski lift. Nice of you two to befriend a nervous lady.

betty said...

That was brave of that lady to take the cruise by herself and to go on the chairlift ride if she was afraid of heights. That was kind of you and Sherry to help her through it, Jack. I probably would have had the same reaction she did being on it!

Interesting about the excursions; I'm going to remember that if we ever take a cruise. The entertainment sounds interesting too; I would have enjoyed the jugglers myself; I find it amazing when they juggle and there is fire involved.

That is a cool bridge in Tampa!


Anonymous said...

Oh life's a challenge indeed.

Please have you all a good start into the new week.

Lucy said...

Great pictures and that was nice of you to guide the lady up and calm her fears. I hate heights and deep water. It would be worth it to brave those fears to do what you 2 did.