Friday, October 21, 2011

It is not always good to view pictures

Tonight I have just sat here and watched pictures pass by on my screen saver. Every once in awhile calling Sherry’s attention to one, and several times asking where was this?

from park falls south 009

(That was a Motel between Park Falls and the House on the Rock)

I know most of the pictures but every once in awhile one pops up I need help on, mostly landscapes, people, I can usually recall. I just turned to her this is no good! I want to go somewhere. In her normal logic she tells me, “YOU ARE SOMEWHERE! AND YOU JUST GOT HERE YESTERDAY!” 

(Oh yeah, I forgot.)

1993-94 026

I saw Kat, (lately deceased) and said, ‘ she was a special person. the last of the ‘Old folks’, but with a young mind’, shucks Kat was just sweet.

Scanoldphoto3 095Scanoldphoto3 059 - Copy

(Before and after the silver teeth!)

There was Corey, brought into the family by Carol, when she married Jack. A sweet redheaded kid with silver capped teeth, cute as a button and sharp as a whip.

Scanoldphoto3 022

Mama popped up, of course that brought a tear, She was a true mother. I think I watched three hundred pictures go by, They are randomly displayed from the thousands I have stored.

Scanoldpic8 018

(And my new wife at Linville Falls, NC)

We went to a movie today, getting to be a habit. The movie was ‘Courageous’.  It was recommended  on a forum I frequent. It was good. I understood about twenty words, but I could follow the stories, the actors were pretty good. I recommend it. Not a dirty word in it. Filmed about the Albany, GA, sheriff’s dept. We once lived in Albany (All-benny, if you are local).corageous

Thanks for coming this way, I know you have a lot better things to do. Oh, before I forget, Friend Mary Ann is just getting over an operation, if you talk to the Lord mention her name.  Mention Kenneth also, he is recovering. He wouldn’t know me any more, but we who knew him, Know him. If you knew him, you could never forget him. To some he was just a Missouri Farmer. But to those who knew him he was… name it.

Nite Shipslog


. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
-- Thomas Jefferson

Auto of the day!


My friend Kenneth had a Dodge, one of his sons called it a Dog. This is a 1956, not sure the year of Kenneth’s.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have way too many pictures on my computer and keep on adding more. Like you I love seeing them and am reminded of happy days gone by. I just finished catching up on yesterday and here you are with an entry for today. I will keep Kenneth and Mary Ann in my prayers. One thing I have lots of time for is praying.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your mom. ~Mary

Paula said...

I use my pictures for a screen saver sometime too. Of course you know mine are not all people. Lots of cows and turtles and junk.

That corgi :) said...

I have heard about that movie, Courageous. I'll have to check it out. I won some free movie passes that expire the end of this month, so I better put them to good use! I liked the picture of Sherry by the falls! What a sweet picture of you and your mom, Jack.

It is sometimes hard/sad/painful to look at old pictures. But then there are great ones that bring back laughs or remind us of happy times and events so I guess it is all good in the long run. Just so we remember to label our pictures for future generations!


Glenda said...

Jack, great entry and thank you for remembering Daddy. Heard today the prognosis is much better! Know what you mean about old photos, I had just gotten out a box, use them to make greeting cards, think I'll scan and make a screensaver, movie sounds like a good one. Got to read up and find out where you two are!!!

Glenda said...

And Sherry looks just like I remember from when I was a kid, just beautiful, inside and out :~)

Anonymous said...

Thinking about pictures. I had a sad thing
to happen at Church Sunday. They are doing
a new pictorial book. They said have you signed
up to have a picture in the book. I told them
I couldn't. It would be the first time I was
faced having a picture made by myself. I said
I just can't do it. Hope they understood.
Good entry



It's nice to thumb through old photos. Amazing the faces and places we see, isn't it? Never heard of the movie you mentioned. I'll have to see if it's playing somewhere around here. Prays going out to your friends. Take care.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

You are very fortunate to have such a collection of pictures. I suppose I will need to organize and document mine some day...