Thursday, October 13, 2011

People Ask (final)

I found it! The Blue Ridge Boomer!

Just outside the State Park offices where she works!


Above we are greeted by the Boomer! Sherry, Evelyn and Don. We had a great time (No Max, Mia nor Miss Kitty though). I could not locate these pictures yesterday!!

I am sure I have not covered all the questions we have been asked, but I will try to cover one more set.

1. Do you guys shower in the motor home or use the RV parks facilities?

The coach had a 10 gal hot water heater, plenty for two baths, most of the time we shower in the Rig.  Exception sometimes, is if there is no hook-ups for sewer. Sometimes we us the local showers.

2. Can you live without any hookups?

RV’ers call it Boon Docking. Yes we can go for one or two weeks without any hookups. There is 50 gals of Fresh water, Two separate waste tanks. They are designated Grey (sink and bath water) 50 gals storage. Black (sewerage) 50 gals storage. Some National and State parks allow the grey water to be run out on the ground. Florida does not.

We have a large Diesel Generator that produces enough electricity to operate the entire coach. We have two flat screen TV’s and a VCR/CD player.

The refrigerator has an ice maker and operates off gas or electricity.  Our lighting is 12v and 120v. We have a microwave/convection oven and a gas stove and oven. Sherry has added a toaster oven she prefers for small jobs.

In Alaska and in the Yukon we did boondock some and truly enjoyed it. Quiet and peaceful.

3. Do you ever park at Walmart?

I think maybe we have once or twice. We have spent the night at A Flying J Truck Stop. I was shocked t the Walmart in Anchorage, Alaska, it looked like a RV park.

4.  Do you ever get bored on long drives?

Not often. I love to look at the country, play mind games as to what some odd things are on flat bed trucks. Love to see old cars on the road. I love Barns, farm fields and driving beside a river. I enjoy seeing where the trucks are from and reading car tags.

5. The biggest question is mail, how do you get mail?

We have a Mail Service in Eustis, Florida. All our mail goes there. We call for the mail every week or two. They send it to us and charge what ever postage it takes to resend it. It comes in a large envelope. Most of it is sent General Delivery as a small town close by. The small towns are more fun. many times we talk with the post master about how we live.

The clerk in a P.O. in NY said, “Nobody lives like that!”

When we decided to live like this we picked Florida, they have no state tax, one less thing to worry about. We Have FL drivers license and car tags.

Again I have taken too much time, thanks for coming this way, now if you have a question let me know.

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Today’s vehicle of chance:


Yeah, the old ones broke too! I think that is a texaco sign in the background.


Anonymous said...

shirl75 soon 76

Do you think about us back home? Do you miss us?
Do you ever want to stay and not leave us?
Just kidding thought I would think up some good
questions that would be easy because I know you
love and miss us. All our young ones are busy with their own life which is very good. You
did a good job explaining your lifestyle.
You both have a good Life Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you sing Willie's song "ON THE ROAD AGAIN"..


madcobug said...

I read some back entries, Enjoyed all of them. So nice that you can meet some of the bloggers. See some beautiful scenery. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My camping is a bit different from yours as I never travel any place with it and I am close enough to home that I spend a few days there and then a few days at home to catch up on the laundry and the mail. I do it because part of my family camps along side of where I am. Gives me a chance to spend more time with them. I love the outdoors and being in the country so its a double pleasure for me. Anyway you look at it , it is a great life.

Anonymous said...

Am still impressed by this adventure of yours.

Please have a safe road ahead and a sunny Friday too.

Paula said...

I would like the part about traveling different roads and seeing different things but not with anything to do with traffic. Do you take many country roads? Probably not unpaved ones? Now the mail I would worry about that.

That corgi :) said...

I really do like how you do the mail, Jack, and I'm sure these days with bills, etc that can be paperless on line, you probably don't get that much "timely" mail that you guys need to deal with sooner than later. Good idea too to make "home base" a state without sales tax! People were boon docking here in Southern California in fancy areas close to the beach and then decided to "dump their tanks" on city streets before they moved on to their next place. For some reason, the residents weren't happy about that (can't blame them). But I know you guys take care of what needs to be done between boon docking sessions and are more responsible than that. Too funny about the Wal-Mart looking like a RV park in Alaska!



I wondered how you got your mail. Mystery solved. Sounds like a wonderful life you guys are living. Makes me wish we had bought an RV long ago. Take care.

Lucy said...

I need an answer to my question. Do you and Sherry have a washer and dryer? I know they make stackable ones.

Anonymous said...

Great joy reading your blog Jack!!! (Candy)