Sunday, October 9, 2011


Steve Jobs, 56.  To a 20-25 year old person that seems like a long time, but in fact he died young. To be honest I did not know of Steve Jobs until the last few months. I have read of his innovations and ideas. He was also a college drop out, but his brain did not ‘drop out’. I am amazed at reporters, (there are just too many of them looking for ‘the big story’) the man cannot rest in peace, let’s dig up anything odd, or bad about him and pass it across the world.


I hate it that he did not get along with his natural father. I hate it that he did not own up to his daughter for a little while, but I will remember him for what he accomplished in Apple.  His amazing leadership created so many things that made life better, or easier for many folk.


(To tell the truth I have never  used an IPOD or an iPhone)

I think some folk just want to feel like they are making him human, but to his close friends and family he was human, flesh and blood. Bruises, cuts and headaches like the rest of us. I respect anyone who comes up with the ‘ORIGINAL IDEA’.  THE FIRST ONE TO DO SOMETHING. Many folk can copy and improve but not many are original, that is the trick.

I can draw Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dick Tracy etc. Millions can do that. But the ones who count are the ones who drew the first ones, and created characters for each. So much so, that today they are as big as life.

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My sister Kat and her husband S.A. (Dick) Lankford.

I knew them when they had no elec. or plumbing in their house. I stayed with them in a one room trailer.

Yep, I had a Brother in Law who was as close to a Great man as I ever ever known. With a 6th or 7th grade formal education, he studied, worked, read and planned until he was at ease speaking to the NYC City council. He was comfortable brokering buildings on Long Island and NYC. Solving problems in Canada and establishing schools. He arranged trips and purchases over the globe but he was satisfied when Kat would cook pinto beans on top of a kerosene heater. He was satisfied driving an older car and  sleeping in a tent.  He was a very good golfer they say(I walked a course with him twice), but would rather be in a boat fishing for Crappie(I fished with him for hundreds of hours).

I have known many good men. My Dad, brothers, my other brothers in law, and many more, but Dick was the closest to greatness that I have had the privilege to meet, and to us he was just Dick, a fun loving man.

So I am sure, to many Mr. Jobs was just Steve. Someone misses more than just a man who was innovative, someone loved him. Not for his wealth, but because he was a son, husband, dad,brother or close friend.

So R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

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Your brother-in-law sounds like a terrific fella. Ordinary people can do great things and most seldom get credit. I don't own an Apple, I-Pod or I-Pad but think that the things Steve Jobs did will go down in history as changing the world. Take care. Have a good day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, he was a young man. When I think of what I've accomplished and I'm a good bit older, I sorta feel like maybe I haven't done the best I might of in this world, But then we cannot all be creative in the same ways. Even though we might think that Mr. Jobs or people like your Dick were great men, each one of us in great in what we've accomplished too. Every one has a purpose under the sun...different ones for each of us. It's a 80 degree day here with lots of sunshine. We'll see this kind of weather for another couple of days then it goes down hill again. Meanwhile, I'm very thankful for today.

betty said...

And I'm sure at the end of Mr. Jobs' life, he wasn't thinking about technology or innovation, but of his family and those he loved. He definitely did change technology and electronics and we won't ever be the same again. Your BIL sounded like a really good man, Jack. Honorable I am sure, a man of integrity. We definitely need more people like him, especially in government!


Fred Alton said...

A very thought provoking post here, Jack! And the leadership of our organization was blessed to have men like Dick and your Dad. Like you - I never heard of Steve Jobs until recent weeks ... but am thankful that he was there developing things behind the scene in the world of technology. You too, have that touch of genius. It's seen in your ability to fix practically anything that is broken. And your positive approach to life has been an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

great entry indeed !

please have you all a good start into the new week.

Lucy said...

Great entry Jack. I think what touched me the most was when he gave to speech at a college I believe. As thin as he was he kept on. Your brother-in-law sounds like he was not afraid to tackle anything.

Ken Riches said...

Cool to have met someone like that. I have had the luck to have a few really genuinely good people in my life, and they are my role models.