Monday, July 20, 2015

A follow up, Number Please?


I enjoy EVERY comment made on the Shipslog. I know some folk read the comments, some do not. There are some  jewels. This is a quote from Paula’s comment:

………….It's funny how small town people lived back then. We didn't have a phone but our neighbor did and it was just inside the front door. No one locked their doors so I could go in and use the phone or sometime even answer it for them. If someone called the neighbor's house for one of us she would go to the kitchen window and yell Telephone call for who ever.  (end quote).


Since I was raised in a parsonage there was always a phone. In Burlington, NC, I cannot count the times the phone would ring and mama would call to me, “Jackie, run down and tell Mrs. Jones (or several names) she has a phone call.”  It is amazing how we shared things like the phone.

And from Myra……… “mama would get out the 3 minute timer when calling Minnesota”.  The phone was such an improvement for the average citizen.


Sherry was in High School and working part time in a hosiery mill. She had the first phone the family had ever had, installed in their house on Hawthorne St. in Belmont. She was one proud young girl.


(A famous telephone operator, one ringy dingy, two…….. etc.)

Elizabeth, MA & Betty mentioned the fact of keeping in touch with distant family, even 40 miles was expensive. Betty too mentioned the 3 minute egg timer.

The telephone transformed our lives like no other innovation/invention until the internet.  Do you ever wonder, What’s NEXT?


(And then came the touch tone, direct dial, the ultimate what could be better?)

Things have changed since that little bare footed boy in ‘overhauls’ run down the street yelling, “Mrs. Jones you have a phone call at our house!”

Nite Shipslog


I had another entry altogether until I thought about the comments. You guys are great friends.


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Paula said...

You and Sherry are great friends too. This was a subject near to my heart. I worked the switchboard part time as a teenager when the telephone office was in Mrs. McBroom's living room in Somerset, Texas. I liked the job so much I often said I would have paid to work there. lol


Back in the day... I remember party-lines too, where you could hear your neighbors phone conversations. You and Sherry are dear to my heart too.

jack69 said...

Life on the internet is strange. Paula (above) allowed me to use some of her 'kids poems' in my book 'Toby's Tales', the name actually was inspired by several of her AOL journal entries about a turtle in her back yard. Now AFTER using two more poems (authorized by her) in my new book, I actually have them debuting in the book in Somerset, TX. I did not know this was Paula's childhood home, until weeks after I had written those chapters in the book.
I am looking forward to her opinion of how the poems were used, I loved the poems and know the readers sill also.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I remember the party lines too, one ring was for the neighbor 2 rings for us!Thanks for the memories!

betty said...

I remember we had a party line and I remember getting in trouble for listening into conversations that weren't ours, LOL :) I also remember wanting to be a telephone operator when I was older since we did a field trip to the phone company when I was in 8th grade. Probably good I didn't go into that field, LOL, I'm sure the operators have been downsized as technology advanced :)


Mevely317 said...

So glad you decided to continue this sweet thread, Jack.
I, too, remember touring the phone company with my Girl Scout troop and thinking the operators were so sophisticated ... totally unfazed by the array of wires going this way and that!

Party lines? Why, that was part of the charm of spending time at Grandma and Grandpa Hanson's. Unfortunately, their 'party sharers' must have had super hearing, on account I was always busted for eavesdropping.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you, I always appreciate the comments too. It is nice to hear about what others have experienced. I like to see what you write about what I have to say too.