Sunday, July 26, 2015

No medical advice nor procedure is guaranteed!

Sherry has obeyed most of the rules and the drops have been administered. I could tell she was a little down, even though she tried to be up beat.
Saturday morning we got up to ‘no-water’ in the park. So we administered the ‘3’ different drops 5 minutes. apart. She lay there for a few minutes, then I noticed she was touchy, she wouldn’t let me help her get dressed (smile). So we headed out for breakfast Then check the mail over in Eustis.
We were a little early to check the mail, so I did something out of character, “Would you like to stop and walk around the Mall?”  She said yes.  She usually looks at some blouses & dresses. She looked at a couple but said, I will come back when I can see better. (ouch)
We also stopped by a park on Lake Eustis and watched the boats, water and some squirrels. She was in a better mood but she was wearing a pair of glasses blocked off on the right eye and covered that with the giant sunglasses.
We checked the mail, came home  and ‘no water’. I was going to make soup but son-Jack had given me a Subway card for Father’s day so we did Subway. Two tuna subs with veggies. As we sat there, she had taken off her sun glasses.  She looked over at me and said, “I feel like crying!”
“What?  Honey what’s wrong?”
“I can read that menu, it looks beautiful, This is the first time I have been out in months that I can see, I’m going to cry, and tears came to her eyes. She said I feel light as a feather.”  All of a sudden, the eye focused and did what it was supposed to do. She is one happy camper.
I sat there sorta dumb founded.
Imma tell you, it is hard to understand the female species.
I remembered this from another forum and I had to bring it over.
To cap this off, she is at her computer on the other side of the table and I just asked her 'how are you?' “The eye feels so good, this is great.”
I am a happy camper too!
Nite Shipslog
Life is good, here in the motor home.
1938 automobiles…..
1938 Studebaker President shirl
The one above here is Jim and Shirl’s 1938 Studebaker President, she as a beauty.


Chatty Crone said...

I am thrilled for her! (And you!)

betty said...

Yea!!!! That is wonderful news!! Now she'll know better what to expect when the other eye gets operated on!


Paula said...

I'm so happy for you both.

Mevely317 said...

Uh-oh, I was growing concerned how this post began.

But like all great story-tellers, your timing was spot on.
Big old tears just sprung to my eyes when she said, "I can read that menu!"

Glenda said...

This one gave me goosebumps and remembering when I had my lasik done, the first day I woke up and could read the bedside clock without reaching for my glasses was just awesome! So happy to hear this good news!!!

Jean said...

My two older sons had to wear thick glasses and it was a blessing to see that they didn't need glasses after having surgery.
I'm so glad Sherry is doing well and can see so much better.

Rick Watson said...

Reading this made me a happy camper too. I am so happy for Sherry. This will enhance her life. Of course, now that she can see you more clearly you won't be able to skip a shave because she'll notice:)

shirl72 said...

Glad things are getting better. When I saw the 38 Stud. I thought there is a car like ours and then it hit me that is our car. Hope Sherry gets along good and glad you will be home the weekend.


What a wonderful revelation. What a glorious day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is wonderful news ! So glad it worked out like it was supposed to do!

Lisa said...

I so glad shes getting better! Love hearing your stories. Yall are the just the cutest couple ever.

Get well wishes.