Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seven thirty-five? SEVEN THIRTY-FIVE?

As in AM, in the morning?  A doctor’s appointment at 7:35,  Sherry says to me, “That is what I heard her say.”


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I asked her to call back and verify the time. She did and said, “I was right, 7:35 in the morning.  Soooo we were there at a little after 7 (I like to be early).  We sat in the car and talked some. Then we went in.  More folks came in and at 7:20 they started calling names and folks were lead back into the holy of holies and disappeared. They did not come back out.


Then at EXACTLY 7:35 Sherry was called. She was lead another direction. She has Astigmatism, After going thru the cataract surgery she wants to be WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACTS.  The Doctor says no problem, a little laser surgery and we can fix the Astig…


We left with yet another appointment to measure the eyeballs again next Monday, they must have read my mind (or face) and this appointment is at 9AM, still early for folks like me but not 7:35. Shucks I did see a beautiful sunrise for the first time since I cannot remember when.


I forgot some of you folks are early birds and some actually still work.  Not everyone is like Sherry and I, with six Saturdays and one Sunday.


Anyway they only operate on Thursday, so we are pushing it close for our schedule to head for the Badlands of the Dakotas. I like that name Dakota. I always think of a sweet Corgi I met here in the blogosphere and the only Corgi I ever knew.. Koda,   name taken from Dakota. Betty of ‘A Bench with a View’ introduced us to Koda.


Have any of you had ‘laser surgery’ or Lasik surgery? If you are of Medicare age, did your insurance or  Medicare pay for any of it?

Thanks you all.

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WE are up to 1927 in Automobiles

1927_Gardner_8_Cylinder_Sedan  1927-Hudson-Super-Six-Series-O-4-Pass-Brougham Erskine-1927-50-Custom-Coupe Studebaker-1927-President Volvo_PV4_Sedan_1927 

I am always amazed at the Auto companies that did not make it.

When visiting a friend of a friend in Lancaster once, I saw a 1927 Smith car.


betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack! We do miss that little Koda of ours.

I am surprised that Sherry actually got called in at 7:35! That is great scheduling on the part of that doctor's office!! How neat for her after the surgery not to have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts :)

I am so chicken about my eyes. I would consider LASIK surgery, but then I'd be afraid I would be that one out of thousands and thousands that would have the complication. Son is considering it. He had to wait a few years to make sure his eyes were "stable" before the eye doctor would consider doing it.


Elizabeth said...

My hubby did have laser surgery on both eyes, one at the time, several years ago. I think there was a $100.00 co-pay and insurance and Medicare paid the rest. He had no problems and was able to see without glasses!

Jean said...

I have had it done and medicare and blue cross and blue shield of alabama paid it all. If I had it done to were I could read without readers it would have been $3000.00 more that Insurance wouldn't pay. That has been some years ago. They wouldn't do both at the same time at Dothan I had to wait 2 weeks. They may be different down there. I still see good and came read larger prints without readers. I wish Sherry good luck I think it will go well. Take care it's hot up here in Alabama.


A sunrise appointment is early indeed. When my parents had the surgery, way back when, I think it was covered by Medicare. Good Luck to Sherry. I remember Betty's sweet Koda with fondness. A special pup, for sure.

shirl72 said...

That is early, like you I'm up but not in a hurry to head to an app. Glad it is over and hope things go well. So far I have had good luck with eyesight. Tell Sherry to take it easy and rest...

Mevely317 said...

Your mention of not having seen a sunrise in years really took me by surprise. Not sure why, but I sure would've taken y'all for 'early birds.' "Best part of the day", dad used to say; the only bad part is, come 9:00PM and I'm toast.

Sorry, I've no experience with that sort of surgery. Gosh, I'd love to be rid of my contact lens!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm up early most mornings to see the sun rise but still never get out and about early so I can commiserate with you on the early appointment. Glad Sherry got seen on time and didn't have to wait anyway. I have not had the surgery but it will probably be coming in the future so I'll be interested in seeing how it goes for her.

Rick Watson said...

I'm an early riser and will take any early appointments the docs have because I like getting in and getting it over with. I'm interested in the outcome of this procedure too as I will be goon Medicare in January.