Friday, July 17, 2015

Find Assisted living facilities near you

Does someone know my age? I am also getting a lot of ads for ‘Roll in and walk in tubs for the aged.’

Then there are the mobility guys: “Get your freedom with a powerful 3 wheel scooter”

the_villages2-11 - Copy

My mind goes back to a wonderful journal-er and blogger who filed under “Dribbles by Chuck”(I hope I remember right).  He always said,, “Filed from Assisted Living” (Translate that the old folks home).

1fl - Copy

(a very small portion of the villages)

His entries were always up beat, I remember one entry he was teaching the ‘girls’ to drive their scooters and they took a trip to the local Ice cream parlor.

BarnstormFACADE - Copy

(From Brownville, the latest completed village, two more under way NOW)

Sadly one evening after missing him for awhile his daughter made an entry on his Journal, “Chuck has left the Building”, and explained some of his life and his demise. I missed him.

TheVillages - Copy

Let me clarify something, I am not making fun, but I know I am at that age. A fall, a mis-step, allowing the car to wander, being distracted at the wrong ‘second’, can end my trip here on earth or place me on a scooter or worse, in a bed for my remaining days.

I DO NOT dwell on the above, but I still have enough mental facilities to know the possibilities.

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In the Villages folks can live with only a golf cart to get around, golf, Dr, Hospital, shop, relax there are golf cart roads everywhere. free golf for life. A golfer can play 36 holes a day for 15 days and never play the same hole. there are 10,000 T times per day.


the-fastest-growing-small-town-in-america-is-a-retirement-community-near-orlando - Copy

Son Mark passed this way for a day and night. The TV got a 24 hour work out (it still works), before leaving he took us a ride in his latest wheels a $1000 ‘90 Mazda. He chose to head for the Village of Sumpter Landing. We ended up at a StarBucks, I asked was Jack Jr. meeting us here, they laughed, because Starbucks is now his second home. Sumpter Landing is one of the many Villages in ‘The Villages’, the fastest growing city in the USA.

thevillagestower - Copy

There are three town squares with live music every evening and dancing on the square. I was taken aback by the ‘elderly’ ladies in 6” spike heels,  and out dancing. WOW. I thought: 6” Spikes takes a lot of nerve at 78-85 years of age. But the old folk were having a good time, most in street shoes. We finished our coffee and walked down beside the lake to view many turtles of the  50-150 pound variety along with schools of fish. It was a nice evening out.


Sherry and I never learned to dance, I still hope one day we will learn.

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Pictures are from the Villages


1929 automobiles…..



Paula said...

I like your attitude about aging. I too don't dwell on it but remind myself often to be careful.


Aging is a fact of life. My husband once upon a time was an Arthur Murray dance instructor. Unfortunately, I can no longer wear my 5 inches heels to glide across the floor with him. I daresay I would break my ankles if I tried. Don't know how those other ladies do it. I remember Chuck. Miss him and his blog.

betty said...

I think that could be fun to learn to dance for you and Sherry :)Certainly would be good for the muscles :) I think some assisted living/retirement homes are very entertaining for the guests with activities for them to do if they take advantage of it.


Mevely317 said...

How refreshing to know someone else doesn't dance! (smile)

You know, I've always heard of those 'Villages' but didn't realize they were so enormous. Unfortunately, I can't shake the feeling, they remind me of that fictional community Stepford.

Glad the two of you've eluded that mold!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Retirement villages are the thing right now we have one on a much smaller scale just a couple of blocks from where I live. It's amazing that the two of you never learned to dance. I used to love it but haven't done any since the last wedding I went to. Glad you got to connect with your son for a while.

Sheila Y said...

I miss Ole Chuck too! I know you can at least slow dance, even Rick can or could, it's been awhile. Haha. Have a great day in Florida, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I believe in having a good time no matter age. Sounds like these
Seniors Citizens knows how to enjoy life and have a good time. I would not try to walk in 6 in heels I sure wouldn't try to dance in them.
We had heavy rain today and it sure was needed. Stay cool.

Rick Watson said...

I've walked in six inch heels and I can tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be :)
Just kidding, I'd break a hip and wind up on one of those scooters.

salemslot9 said...

my folks used to
clear the floor
when they were younger
dance while you still can