Sunday, July 5, 2015

I am announcing My Candidacy for the GOP

For a few months now we have had  ‘3 & 4 fruit smoothies’ for breakfast during the week, Usually an apple,some pineapple, mango and prunes.  They are pretty good, but not a real breakfast (like I was raised on). So one day this week my girl fixed breakfast for supper.  Shoot I mean a real breakfast. Pork chops, gravy from scratch, rice and real eggs. Then I had molasses and butter with a biscuit. Lemme tell you ‘them’ smoothies don’t hold a light.

As I sat there satisfied I thought of mama talking about Hoover Gravy.  Back when in the depression she fed her family on water gravy, beans and biscuits. Now My breakfast sounded best so I decided……..

I’m about to throw my hat in the ring for the GOP nomination, since it seems to be the thing this year! I have a feeling you guys that watch TV are in for a crop of ADS. I haven’t decided my slogan yet, but I am working on it.

How about “A porkchop and egg for everyone.” When addressing the folk who don’t like pork, “Ground Steak, gravy and eggs for everyone.”

Of course I am going to promise 2 months paid vacation for everyone.

Free college for everyone up to 92 1/2 years of age.

Free medical care for everyone from birth to 25--- then 28yrs to 40----then skip to 45-55---- another skip 60 yrs to 85 then skip to 90-100  Over 100 you are on your own, and probably don’t vote anyway.

The gaps in coverage you ask?  Surely you can pay for your own medical some years, right? Try to eat  healthy, try some smoothies and take an aspirin. And of course we will make exceptions, there will be a form for that.

Oh yes, and I plan to promise free Butter Pecan ice cream every weekend. Well if you Chocoholics must have it, we will provide that too, but I will also set up therapy for Chocoholics, because Addictions are terrible and should be treated, when successfully completed you can become a productive member of society..

Of course I would never pretend to even think I could be president. But I know my daddy taught me, you cannot spend more than you make. Son, you cannot borrow your way out of debt.

Our Gov’t BOTH PARTIES over spend.

If you want to see the future possibilities, and see what happens when you cannot pay your debts,  look at Greece, they have a retirement age of 50-52. You cannot spend more than you earn for long, or you will sink your ship. I feel for those folk who are on their form of Social Security, NO CHECKS and cannot get into their banks. They are in serious trouble and cannot bury their heads in the sand any longer, they are broke.

Nite Shipslog



1917 Abbott


1917 Detroiter


The Pierce Arrow 1917


Finally the Chevrolet 1917

Detroit put this country on the WORLD MAP, innovation, design and production.  Workers with the highest pay in the nation.  Now Detroit is BROKE… It is possible to ask too much.



Throw in some Black Raspberry ice cream too and I'll be Team Jack all the way. This was a clever way to make your point. It has been well taken.

CO farmgirl said...

You've got my vote!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I for one love butter pecan Ice Cream so you have my vote. I'm not looking forward to the coming election and all the ads at all. Hope the two of you enjoy your Sunday and had a wonderful 4th. My neighbors down the street put on quite a fireworks display for the neighborhood and I was up quite late due to the noise so it's a slow start to the day here.

Mevely317 said...

You've got my vote, Jack!

I was right there with you at pork chops and scratch gravy.
...Or was it the butter pecan?
Chortling n' snorting about your advice for those who prefer chocolate!

Thanks for starting my day out in such a delightful manner!

betty said...

I'll vote for you Jack!! So true that one should not promise what one cannot deliver. I do feel for the people of Greece; a big mess that I don't see a solution for.


Jean said...

You've Got my vote!!!

Cindi said...

You won me over with butter pecan. And Chocolate option... Lol so, it's a yes vote for me

Cindi said...

You won me over with butter pecan. And Chocolate option... Lol so, it's a yes vote for me

Cindi said...

You won me over with butter pecan. And Chocolate option... Lol so, it's a yes vote for me

Paula said...

You got my vote.

Woody said...

President Jack Darnell, got a nice ring to it, we will vote for ya !!
Gary & Anna Mae

Lisa D. said...

You had me at Gravy! You got my vote.