Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wit and Poetry

(Today, Sherry is having cataract surgery on the left eye, if you pray, mention her. If you don’t, send good thoughts this way, THANKS)
You’re a poet and don’t know it, But your feet sure show it, Long Fellows.
That and many more school-day saying still stick in my mind. Then there was the:Yeah man you are a hit, I dropped the ‘s’ cause we are friends.
Then the mean one: Fatty, Fatty 2 by 4, can’t get thru the bathroom door.  There was a C/W song line I never liked, ‘Rolly Polly, daddy’s little fatty.”
Not saying you are ugly, but did your mama mix you up with one of her  dog’s litter?
Then to the tall kid: How’s the weather up there?
And the 4 eyes jokes, before there were designer frames.  The glasses issued to the troops by the Government were:  ‘The Navy’s answer to birth control.
My sympathies seemed to always go to the ‘one being picked on’ because I had my share of times being the brunt of a joke. I seldom could come up with a witty come-back. I have heard them though.
I remember once when a kid was being laughed at and called Ugly; he was a good kid with buckteeth and  a good personality. After listening to the jokes about eating corn on the cob thru a barbed wire fence and  mama mixed you up with the dogs, etc. he smiled at Tommy’s remarks, and with a smile and  everyone’s attention said, “Did y’all know Tommy wonders why snakes run from him?….. Well he will know once his family puts enough money together to buy a mirror!”  Then Tommy caught it.
I was always witty (30 minutes AFTER the wit was needed). I have two extremely witty friends, Joe Carver and Buddy Sansbury. I would bet they have never been bested in a war of words. It just so happens our twin grandson’s mother is  witty and also Joe’s sister. Jack Jr (the twins dad) is a witty guy also, so the Twins keep us in stitches with their inherited wit, talent and personalities. They are a joy.
That is Joshua and Stephen, I always try to give the devil his dues, Winking smile Just my nature. Surprised smile.
Sherry’s surgery reminds me of a letter I received once from Grandson Corey. I had told him I just had cataract surgery. “Grandpa, a friend of mine said the Cataract was the best car he ever owned.”
I  know a couple  people with a constant sharp sarcastic wit. I have never  really enjoy it.
Sorry, I did not get around to talking about Poetry, I meant to, maybe next time.
Nite Shipslog
PS:  Any school day sayings you remember? (Old Joe and Buddy could fill a page quick with them.
In 1941 Car companies were gearing up for the war effort and the ‘41’s would be the last cars until after the war.


Elizabeth said...

Prayers for Sherry today! Love what your grandson said, they do say the cutest things!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm praying for Sherry today and hoping all goes well. I love poetry but never got into much witticism. I'm slow on the come backs for sure.

Paula said...

Prayers for Sherry. I hate being a slow thinker. A day later I can think what I should have said.

Glenda said...

Prayers for Sherry's speedy recovery, and safe travels back to NC.

betty said...

Saying a prayer for Sherry, like I mentioned before, at least she'll know what to expect this time around, though of course, each eye is a bit different. Hubby is quick with one liners; I am not so quick but getting quicker with them.


Mevely317 said...

Prayers for Sherry! (... and of course, her surgeon!)

It hurts my heart to read those olden, childish taunts. Unfortunately, they still stick in some circles, long into adulthood. (I know these things ... lol.) Props to that boy for having the moxie to give Tommy jsut what he deserved. Like you, I'm usually 30 minutes too late!

shirl72 said...

I had a friend that was funny and didn't know she was funny. Some people it just comes natural. I just thought about what we would say.
"If I had time, I would write a rhyme". Praying for Sherry glad
it is over and she is doing good.

Rick Watson said...

If brains was dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose.

jack69 said...

hahahaahh I have even heard that a couple times. :-)

bonney knox said...

I think it was actually one of my teachers who told us about this one: "If you put your brain on the edge of a razor, it would look like a BB rolling down a super highway."
In school, wit was always over rated.