Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Best intentions

(Photos are 1920 automobiles)


I was sitting here with a Pulitzer prize winning entry about ‘The Whammy’ when the computer went black and all electrical noise ceased last night. We had a rare power outage. We sat around for awhile enjoying the quietness. Reece and Stella came out with the stroller and Stella invited us for  a walk.

“Where are we going?”

“To the Horse,” she said.

At the top of our little hill, about a block, is a Shetland pony, fed well but unkempt. She loves to see it. But he had already ‘gone to bed.’


Returning home she said good night. Sherry and I sat in the swing and talked. Sometimes power failures are a blessing.

(I have just in the last minute lost three paragraphs??? I know how to go back on this system, I hold Cntrl and hit ‘z’, but I do not know how to return forward. Anyone out there help in that area?)

Anyway back to last evening. By 10PM still not poser, sooooo being self contained, pressing the GEN button on the dash we have electric in less than a minute. We ran it for about 3 hours and caught up on the computers. I also found out my great entry was gone. So it it lands on your computer please forward it back to me.


I started this entry about Best intentions. Things I have done with the best of intentions, but they turned out sour or wrong. Now I cannot think of one entry of mine, but my buddy Sonny, had one that stands out.

He and I were a lot alike. Tools were very important. Sonny bought a sand blaster. Boy was that fun. Rusty objects were soon clean as a whistle. Stubborn nuts were cleaned and loosened. Still looking for something to sand blast he thought of the Iron pots and pans used by his wife Collette.  He was very proud showing them to me. Man that is nice, mama gonna love you.


Lemme tell you, me & Sonny ‘weren’t no’ cooks. He coulda used Rick’s advice about flavored dog biscuits cause that boy was in the dog house a LONG TIME, y’ain’t supposed to mess with mama’s ‘seasoned’ iron skillets.

But I have to admit, they looked like NEW!

Nite Shipslog


Sometimes the best of intentions, go terribly wrong.


Autos of the year 1920.

    1920-premier-model-6-d-seven-passenger-touring main_1920 Velie_Modell_34_Touring_1920


betty said...

That is so true, Jack, sometimes the best intentions can go wrong, even though our heart might be in the right place. It is so funny how we are so used to electricity that when it goes out, we almost don't know what to do with ourselves, but your talking on the porch with Sherry sounded like it was nice :)


bonney knox said...

Oh, my, I am laughing at Sonny's good intentions!

Paula said...

I wish someone would get all that gunk off my iron skillets then I could re season them and start all over.

Rick Watson said...

I made the skillet faux pas once but at the threat of never having another biscuit, let the skillets be.
As far as your entry, blogger often saves those every few seconds. If you go to the dashboard and look at posts, it might be there.
Good luck jack and thanks for the shoutout.

Mevely317 said...

Were you talking to me, just now? (smile)
... Hey, I guess some of us have to serve as examples for the rest of society.

Sorry I can't assist with the computer snafu. But I didn't know about the CTRL + z trick. Thanks!


No question the best of intentions can get you in hot water. Love when the power is out. It's those simple pleasures that mean the most. No technology needed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am all in a dither when the power goes out and I can't do what I want, but loosing an entry is very frustrating. My laptop battery will last awhile, but when the power goes out so does my internet. I think your little Stella had the right idea going for a walk. No sense sitting around and stewing about it all. Wonderful that you have a generator though, they are wonderful for when the power is out for a length of time. I don't have one but one of my sons did as they lived in the country and had a lot of power outages. Knowing how hot it's been for you down there, I bet it was a relief to have the a/c back on too ! Here in Ohio it's to be lower 70's today, just perfect weather !