Friday, July 10, 2015

Salmon and eggs

(Pictures are Automobiles from 1923)


I am sitting here eating one of Sherry’s delicious (left over) salmon patties, cold just out of the ice box. Canned salmon has been a favorite taste of mine since childhood. We NEVER did have fresh salmon growing up. If it was fresh, It was  catfish, perch and sometime Bass.


My mama had a breakfast I loved, she scrambled a can of ‘Alaska Pink Salmon’ (Always Alaska Pink) and eggs. She made a gravy, I don’t know what the start of the gravy was, but it was always good. Of course it was accompanied by her DELICIOUS biscuits and grits.


We have been on a kick of fruit smoothies for a few months, and to be honest I am tired of them. Am I healthier for having four fruits and almond milk, boy I hope so.


this morning Sherry made a sandwich of toasted Ham, egg(beaters)  and cheese with a side of buttered grits. Mmm it was good.

       AACAtop10_1922Essex_2000 BuickTouringCar1925 h_packard-1922 

I do fight high cholesterol and take a (20mg) Statin for it, but I love fresh fruit and veggies,  I also eat more garlic and  olive oil than my entire family did all their lives. I sure hope it helps. Now, as I think of this, I am mad.  I bought fresh corn today, and had planned to have an ear for supper along with left over Chicken soup, and I FORGOT!


Lots of that forgetting lately.

Nite Shipslog


When I actually caught an Alaskan Salmon and we cooked it,  It was good, but my taste was for the canned salmon, I was disappointed in myself, Sherry loved it.

Have you  ever eaten salmon and eggs?




1923 Winton


Paula said...

No, never had salmon and eggs but I sure love those patties. I can eat them cold anytime of day. John hates the smell of them cooking so I don't fix them often and when I do I clean the dishes as I go and make sure to throw the can outside in the garbage right away.

betty said...

I have not eaten salmon and eggs. It does sound interesting though. I do like salmon, never had it out of the can though. I would imagine after a few months of fruit smoothies I would be tired of them too :)


Rick Watson said...

I always called that meal salmon eggs (running it together.) I love that dish too though I can't remember when We had it last. Tonigh we're having baked salmon and som veggies yum.
Love those old cars. They don't make 'me like they used to.

bonney knox said...

Now I'm hungry for a salmon patty.
Growing up we had mackerel and eggs. I think the canned mackerel must have been cheaper than the salmon.

Jean said...

I like salmon patties and you have made me hungry. I think I will fry up some tomorrow. I have been working on this computer Jarin give me after Christmas trying to get it to run faster. I'm checking to see if it has done any good. That girl wore this space key out. (Smile). I bought a Win Cleaner program, and trying to see if it has fixed my problems. Take care, Jean.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

While both salmon and eggs are good for you, I've never had them mixed together either. Like most of you I love salmon patties too. I haven't made them in quite a long while, but I'm pretty sure there is a can of salmon in the pantry cupboard. I'm thinking I'll have to make some soon. Locally grown corn is available here now but I've not had any of that yet. It's on the pricy side compared with what the grocery store offers and it's not bad at all. Hope you got that corn for dinner !


Hope you finally got to eat an ear of corn. Love salmon too.

salemslot9 said...

I just checked
I have 4 cans of pink salmon
that must be a record
my John picks up a can
when he sees it on sale
not knowing if we have any
nothing wrong with that
they are dated 2018/19
I like salmon patties
never tried it with eggs
but, I will in future
our kitties get a lil treat, too :)