Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Testing my patience

Today I ended up re-booting my NEW computer.  The system is very nice and tells me there are a few programs and APPS it did not reload, it is now my responsibility. The list is a page and a half in size 10 font.
I am close enough I can read e-mails and make this entry (I hope). Thanks for your patience.  I sure did not plan this.  hahahahahahaha.
I will be reading and commenting as I can, until I complete the list ordered by MASTER COMPUTER.

I think I am getting used to being ordered around by a machine..
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betty said...

Oh no! Hope you get it worked out quickly, Jack!



computers have minds of their own. Hope you get this snafu fixed soon. Good luck.

Paula said...

Good luck! I'm trying to decide if I should take Windows 10 when it comes out this month .

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your patience is being tested for sure. Good luck with it all.

Jean said...

I can understand how you are feeling. I have been working with this computer Jarin left me. I’m now trying a new antivirus program. Take care and stay cool.

Rick Watson said...

I'd stop when it says "get up on that table and dance for me Jack." :)