Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The object, Cataract Surgery then some family time.

In prep for all surgeries there are a lot of hoops to jump thru. First the ‘TALK’ (what this entails). They measure the eye ball, take your vitals.  Measure the eyeball again. Then you need a ‘short’ physical by a General practitioner to ensure you are physically able to withstand surgery.


Everything within a rocks throw. So off to Urgent care for the physical. The Dr. wonders about a couple things. Go down the street to imaging for a chest x-ray. Then come back tomorrow, I don’t like the blood pressure. Sherry explains, the blood pressure always goes up when I see a doctor, well come back anyway I need to verify it. That was Monday.

Today  Sherry completed the last hurdle. Chest x-ray good, the Blood pressure was ‘better’, so she is good to go. Tomorrow they call her for the time she needs to be there for pre-op.


Son Mark is coming over to hold my hand and lend me his ears if I need them while ‘MY REAL EARS’ are “IN THE OTHER ROOM OF MYSTERIES”. Sherry gets nervous in times like this, it is  her nature. Something about someone actually working on your eyes that is bothersome. Shucks a couple ladies here on the net have hubby’s who get ‘shots’ in their eyes, that does make your skin move the wrong way! (smile)


It is amazing what can be done with surgery and medical miracles to give us a better life. I have had the surgery on both eyes and all went well,  I was fortunate to have Dr. James Gills, founder of St. Luke's Eye institute himself do my surgery.

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Sherry will have one of Dr. Gill’s associates do her work. Just because a surgery has become common place, doesn’t mean it is ‘simple’, I trust St. Luke’s, but I will also be saying a few prayers for my girl. She has been fighting bad eye sight now for a long time. Just finally getting enough of it, or getting enough nerve to do something about it.

Yosemite Valley

She wanted the ‘intraocular’ lenses, but she is not a candidate they say. So she has opted for ‘laser’ surgery to correct the Astigmatism.


I will list a full report of costs and recovery for those who have expressed interest, after her Appointment for the first eye, Thursday.


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Mevely317 said...

Right beside you, tomorrow (in cyber space) ... lifting my prayers. So glad Mark will be there to lend support.

I'll be watching my phone for your GOOD news.

betty said...

Good that Mark will be down there to help support you guys, Jack and Sherry! I'm sure all will go well and your eyesight will be so much better Sherry!


Paula said...

I know Sherry will be happy when she is all through and seeing well. John will be having a surgery soon. His eye doesn't close all the way because of Bell's Palsy in the past. It needs to close all the way at night to protect his good eye. It is amazing what they can do now days. At one time they had said they would put a weight in his top eye lid but now a new doctor says the other way.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I will be praying for a successful surgery. I'm glad you will have an extra set of ears there with you. I'm thinking that Sherry is going to be thrilled at having her sight back. I have only ever heard of good results. It is amazing what they can do.

Glenda said...

Prayers for Sherry's positive outcome; it's always nerve wracking to face a surgery, so happy she has you and Mark to help keep her calm. And, as you know, the Doctors at St. Luke's have a stellar reputation, they've successfully done thousands of these operations, and yes, it is a miracle technology. Hugs from Okeechobee!

Sheila Y said...

Sending up prayers for both of you. Glad Mark will be there with the extra ears. Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I know Sherry will be glad when it is over. Glad Mark will be there
to hear the Dr. when he come out to talk about the procedure. I will pray that everything will be OK. I took Smoky for several shots in
his eye. Like you that gives me chills.. Keep me informed. Prayer
going up.


Sorry I am late. Sending prayers all goes well. Glad you both will not be alone.

Rick Watson said...

I would be fretting too if I were in her shoes, but I know she'll be fine and happy when it's finished.