Monday, July 13, 2015

The play place

There was an unused area in some trees and bushes that bugged me. It was filled with debris and old limbs. When I redid the tractor parking space, I cleaned it out. Being consistent that “I must be doing something”.

The blue canvas (our old RV awning) I just could not throw away. To get to the Play Place you  enter between the blue canvas and the lattice work.


I have thought it would be a great place for a picnic table, it would be 100% shaded and cooler. However when Stella happened by, She started running in one big circle saying “This is a great play house.”

So being consistent as a Great Grandpa, I added a few things. As you enter you are greeted by Mr and Mrs Shovel. (Stella hasn’t seen these yet, Mark, her Paw paw, will introduce her to them this week)


I set the two (walnut)  monkey faces on #12 wire and attached them to a small tree.


On the tree beside it I painted Minnie and Mickey, she loves those mice.


Not sure you can tell, but I had a stump I could not lift. so I worked it upright against some trees and attached it. Added a seat and painted a likeness of Popeye complete with a 3D corn cob pipe (Hard to see).


I hung some old CD’s for her to paint faces on.

100_2540 100_2541

This is taken looking back at the tractor from the Popeye seat. I hung an old USMC flag for color. LOL. Anyway that was my last busybody project before we our stuff headed South. WE are now safe in Florida.

Nite Shipslog

1925 Automobiles, beauty from the past

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<V>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Studebaker.1925.Duplex.Phaeton.ER6 25-Duesenberg_A_Rubay-DV-11-SJ_015 25-Franklin-10C_DV-11-GG_02 25-Kissel-6-55_DV_10-GG_001 25-REO_T-5_DV-12-GG-019 1925_Flint 1925-ajax-six Ford-Model-T-Depot-1925-400  Luxury-Automobiles-1925-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-I-2 Minerva_AC_Hibbard_and_Darrin_1925


shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

What a great place for Stella to play. You did a good job painting
the characters. It would be interesting to hear her reactions when she sees the play area. She will have a good time playing. I deleted my my fingers on the wrong keys.

betty said...

Glad to hear you guys are safe in Florida! Hope Sherry's surgery goes well! What a great idea for the play house and how you made those special things for Stella! So cute with the shovels and the Micky/Minnie mouse paintings :) I bet she will love painting on the CD disks too; what a great idea with that! She will be thrilled with it and spend lots of time playing there I am sure!


Glenda said...

The "Play Place" is just too cool, Stella will have a ball! Welcome to Florida ~ do hope it's cooler where you are. Hugs and all the best to Sherry during her surgery/recovery. I know you'll be taking great care of her!!!

bonney knox said...

What fun! Very creative ideas for the play area; hope Stella enjoys it.

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, but seeing Mr. & Mrs. Shovel and their friends make me want to come play with Stella! You're so creative, Jack; I know she'll be enchanted!

PS - I've no doubt Sherry will come through her procedures with flying colors, but you're both in my prayers, nevertheless. (Her doctors, too!)

Jimmy's Journal said...

Love your gumption and creativity. Keep the wind at you back, my friend.


Paula said...

How cute! I could see Popeye. Bet Stella will love her play place.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Leave it to a child to inspire a place to play. I'm sure she'll love it. Mr and Mrs Shovel are adorable. It's good to hear you have reached your destination. Hope all goes well!

Lisa D. said...

Wow what a fun you are!! This is great. A little art space. It also allows room for her imagination which a lot of kid lack now days. Cant wait to hear about her reaction!

Paint on.

Elizabeth said...

What a great place to play! Welcome back to Florida! Hope Sherry's surgery goes well!


A lovely playhouse, for sure. Looks like alot of fun, where Stella can use her imagination. Hope Sherry's surgery goes well.

Sheila Y said...

She will love it! My friend's grandparents had a huge tree in the backyard and its limbs touched the ground. It made a great playhouse under there. Don't get to hot in FL! Sheila