Thursday, July 9, 2015

I think at times, I am cursed


(Today’s pictures are year 1922 models, check the names and see how many you recognize?)


I know folks who can sit watch TV and do nothing, and they are happy.  I can only remember a few times that I could just sit and do nothing. My head tells me there is something to fix, repair or straighten.


My mind is more settled when I am doing something,  or even planning something. I just finished rerouting our underground water line to  the motor home it is now more efficient to use and winterize.


There is a refrigerator in this motor home that I want to change. I want to put one in that doesn’t require defrosting. Remember defrosting? Most of you do not do that anymore, some never have and don’t even know what that means. LOL. But Our refrigerator must be defrosted bi-weekly. Much more often that daddy used to have to do it for mama.

      1922-dodge 1922-DuPont-Model-A-Roadster 1922model34b   

Imma busy body, and I do not know why.  If I am a hoarder, I am pretty organized (LOL). But I cannot throw anything useful away. Why does my mind see something beside a trash can for the collectors and wonder, could I fix that so someone could use it?


We have become a throw away society and I hate it. I have a trailer hitch for a ‘95 Odyssey and a Tow plate of a ‘95 Odyssey that is advertised. The value is over  a hundred dollars each. I have them advertised for 15 or 20 dollars now, or they go to the scrap pile, and that hurts my feelings. To be honest if someone comes for them they can have them for free, just to set my mind at ease that they are being used.


I guess I learned too well from mama and daddy, waste not, want not.


Well I just wanted to know if I am normal or cursed?

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Continuing with a Studebaker from 1922



Lisa said...

Seeing you like old cars. I need to send you some photos of my father in laws vintage stock car he used to race. He have a few. We still have one in the garage and one is in a museum.
Also my husbands Grandfather came from Italy way back in the days and owned Dimeo's Ice Cream Company here in Gastonia. The old Ice Cream truck sits in a museum now. We still have lots of memorabilia from the old Ice cream company. from little spoons to the old milkshake machines to the cork from the walls. We have a lot of history from that place.
Speaking of museum. You should check out the "memory lane Museum" in Mooresboro. They have a web site as well.

Safe wheeling

Jimmy's Journal said...

Neat cars! I like the vintage cars and especially like the running boards, Dad used to let us ride on his (he went slowly) and my brother and I would be thrilled to death. Cool post!


betty said...

I think you are normal, Jack. I think you have an inquisitive mind that always wants to be engaged in something; you don't just want to sit around, always want to keep that mind working :)


Paula said...

Yep I think you're normal as normal can be.

shirl72 said...

You are normal because I know you very well. If you wasn't normal
you could not write the books you have written, traveled all over the world and walked the Appalachian Trail. You could not do the things you accomplish every day. Get this out of you mind.

Mevely317 said...

Naw, not normal. I'm thinking extraordinary! :)

Jean said...

You are normal! I'm a lot like that I can't sit and watch tv very long at the time. I always think of something else that needs doing. I'm not a workaholic, but you might be. (Smile), Take care. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You certainly don't let any grass grow under your feet there for sure. I think it is wonderful that you can do so many things. Not everyone has the ability to do the things you do. I'd say you are blessed not cursed at all. I can understand the need for a frost free fridge. Hope you get one. My camper fridge, when I had one, had to be defrosted too and it's not a fun job at all. The nice thing about was that if the electric was off it would switch to running on propane. It's been raining here but hopefully today we'll se some sunshine. Hope you both have a fantastic Friday !


Defrosting the fridge was always a chore. Once while trying to do it with an ice pick or screwdriver my husband ruined the cooling coil and our landlord needed to replace the whole refrigerator.