Thursday, July 23, 2015

It starts with Fuzzy stuff


For months now Sherry has been complaining about her vision. It was suggested she go to ‘Lens Crafters’ for GOOD glasses.  Let me tell you , WE were not thrilled with Lens Crafters nor their management personnel or their glasses. (Also I should have checked the web for complaints)

Next was Contacts, she enjoyed them for awhile, and finally got the hang of handling them. We have searched the floor for a few of them (smile). There were times she asked, “Can you tell if there is a lens in this eye?”


(The original in Tarpon Springs, FL)

I could never get used to seeing her swipe across her eye to remove the soft lenses.  There were many days she enjoyed them so much she forgot they were in. BUT, but slowly the problems started again. “Things are fuzzy or, I just cannot see well now. My eye hurts, etc”

So she went to an eye clinic in the villages. We are old and do not understand the medical arena because we deal with it so rarely. She paid for the visits and work done (all prep-work for surgery, but NO surgery.) She was not happy and did not feel comfortable. Later we received paperwork from Medicare that the  clinic had filed and collected from the Government (also? not sure). It did not seem right somehow but we did not follow thru, nor go back.

(St Luke’s in The Villages, where Sherry is)


She was still having eye trouble and decided to visit St. Luke’s Eye clinic in the Villages.  We both respected St. Luke’s from my experience.

st luke dr gill Billy

(Dr. Gill with Billy Graham and his wife, I also have a picture with Dr. Gill, he takes time for each patient to get a photo.)

She went through the same type procedures that she had at the other clinic, but felt at home here.  After the tests she was satisfied and decided to come back in the fall and have the surgery done. We returned to NC. But the eyes got so bad we came back, not understanding the requirements. The prep work she had done was over 60 days and had to be redone. SOOOO, She has now completed that and is ready for surgery. She received the long anticipated call, “SHERRY, YOUR CHECK IN TIME FOR SURGERY IS 1:30 THURSDAY.”

That is today.


(A waiting room at Tarpon Springs, the Murals around the walls are of the life of Christ, Dr. Gill is a Christian)

My nurse asked, ‘do you mind prayer before surgery, it is optional of course.’ (they have heard the joke a thousand times, ‘I thought Dr. Gill was the best.?”) They smile and say, ‘NO he isn’t the best, the best is the Master Physician Above and Dr. Gill always likes to invite HIM down to supervise the surgery’.

clinic mural

One of the many sculptures at Tarpon Springs.

WE expect the master physician to be with my girl today.

Nite Shipslog


1934 Automobiles… My heart is in this ‘34 Ford Coupe, once I missed one for $50. That still hurts.

1934-ford-deluxe-five-window-coupe-1 - Copy1934-bendix-prototype-09320 - Copy1934-Brewster-Ford-Town-Car - Copy1934CadillacSixteenroadster_02_1500 - Copy1934-DeSoto-Airflow-2-Door-Sedan-Black-fvr-35mm-Hershey-PA-1970 - Copy1934-Duesenberg-Model-JN-Convertible-Sedan - Copy1934-ford-deluxe-fordor-11934-packard-super-8-dietrich-convertible-victoria-06512 - Copy

Many stuck with the box shape and still remained on top. While others started smoothing the lines, also neat.

1934-LaSalle-Convertible-Coupe-Red-Rr-sv - Copy

Cars were considered works of design art, I am glad that some folk had the money, time and inclination to save these gems of History.


bonney knox said...

Hope everything goes well for Sherry. It makes so much difference to be with a doctor you are comfortable with.

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like a wonderful Dr. And a wonderful place! Prayers for Sherry and you!

betty said...

I think that it is wonderful that the doctor/nurses pray with those that want to be prayed for before surgery. I think Sherry is in very good hands, especially in God's hands!


Lisa D. said...

Sherry will be fine now. I just know she's gonna see and feel better in a couple days.

Prayers from NC

Lisa D. said...
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Paula said...

Praying Sherry is doing fine and I'm sure she is.

Jean said...

I'm sure Sherry is through with surgery by now. Praying she will be feeling and seeing much better soon.

Mevely317 said...

I hope this finds you both happily relaxing in your own 'home'! (Mark, too!)

'Not sure why I don't recall St. Luke's in Tarpon Springs ... when I consulted Google, I discovered that Center was literally but a stone's throw from my townhouse!
What a comfort to realize the founder, Dr. Gill, is a Christian fella who unashamedly walks His talk. I just informed Tom, if he or I find ourselves in need of cataract or laser surgery, we're going back to Tarpon!

Love from Phoenix!

shirl72 said...

Glad things went well..Sounds like a wonderful place and a good Dr.
That is wonderful that they pray. Hope things go well next time.
Will be glad when it is over and Sherry can see good again. Our
eyes are so important. Will say a pray....Glad Mark came..


I'm glad sherry had the best. I am glad the surgery is behind her. Our prayers for her have been answered.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The Master surgeon was in charge and always is. Sherry has been in my prayers and will await good news.

Rick Watson said...

Good post Jack. I can't wait for the update.