Sunday, January 6, 2019

About sardines and other good seafood.

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Blog cars today are water cars.

Sherry says, some people’s tastes cannot be explained. By that meaning things like Sardines and Oysters. I thought about this because a few months ago, on impulse, I bought a can of sardines packed in oil.
When we lived in Biloxi (Late 50s) I bought a can, and later opened it and they were yellow. I threw them away, thinking they had spoiled. As some of you know the SMELL can fool you. LOL, Yeah, I learned that sardines are packed also in mustard and tomato sauce. LOL
Well tonite I suggested having sardines with our left overs. Sherry looked at the can and read, ‘Fillet of Sardines?’ Well there you are, I did not know sardines could be filleted either. They were Not too good, I won’t buy fillet of sardine anymore.

Sherry isn’t a fan of oysters, I love ‘em from raw to the stew. At the ‘Oyster Factories’ in Biloxi (1958) every single oyster was opened by hand, I had no idea.  I wonder if there is a machine yet to open oysters.
I love fish. I prefer the perch. At home we call them Crappie. In Florida they are called Speckled Perch, ‘Speck’ for short. I was taught to eat my catch or release it. I cooked bass but they are my least preferred fish. Then one day at Grassy Pond, Sherry and my sister Kat came up with a fish stew that was delicious with either bass, catfish or crappie. I would not turn around for the difference in it and oyster stew. We all love it.

My favorite seafood is Maine or Florida lobster. Sherry and I agree on this also, but that feast is not too often unless we are in Maine. We love Nunan’s Lobster Shack in Kennebunk. Last time there they served one lobster for $13 or two for $15. That decision was easy.  ;-)

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betty said...

I think the East Coast has some delicious sea food! We had crab cakes one time in Maryland that were "to die for." I had oysters once, I wasn't super impressed with them. Had lobster a few times; would definitely have taken that deal. Our sea food of choice is either shrimp or salmon. Those two I would never get tired eating.

I remember my mom saying that she would make sardine sandwiches for my dad to take to work. Not sure if they were in mustard or not. Had them a couple of times. I wasn't overly impressed.



i love seafood. love that lobster deal.

bobbie said...

Another seafood lover here... mackerel, mahi-mahi, salmon, shrimp, oysters, cod, halibut, crab, lobster, scallops ~ love it! Hubby makes an awesome cioppino to die for!

Dar said...

LOL, every time we are out to eat, it's shrimp on my sister always says she'd order for me knowing how I love shrimp with a nice salad. When I lived on the east coast of Jersey, at the Lobster Shack, we could pick out the lobster we wanted for dinner right out of the tank, they'd put a bib on you and serve up the best, freshest bite I ever had. I agree with Sherry on the dislikes but don't mind oysters in chowders.
loven'hugs from up north where the fresh water fish are abundant and delicious. We See-food and eat it, our favorites. LOL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's so good to come and be able to comment on your blog. I do love seafood and love lobster, Lake Erie Perch and even oysters if they are fried. My mom used to make the best I've ever had. Never had a sardine, but they say they are very good for you and that we should all have more fish in our diet. Your post got me to thinking about all the foods I've never had. I love to cook and to eat, but rarely try new things out anymore. Just stay with the tried and true.

Mevely317 said...

What wonderful memories you've evoked! While still living under my parent's roof, my birthday ritual always included a lobster (tail) dinner. Only once while in New England did they insist I try the main lobster .. eeeew. Unfortunately, about 15 years ago I developed an allergy to shellfish. As a result we rarely have fish. Tom claims he doesn't miss it, and I'm always a scaredy-cat of finding a bone in my filet.