Thursday, January 3, 2019

I thought........goals for 2019?

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Today is my last ....Happy New Year.... until 2020.
I have been thinking of goals or resolutions. I liked Mac’s goal (from Lisa’s blog)“My goal is to survive!”  I smiled yeah, mine too. I am going to have 80 as my number all year long.  Yeah that is a big deal, I NEVER thought I would even see the year 2000 much less 2019.  Only a few folks 13-39 think past 50, when they will be about too old to breathe.  LOL
I do have one goal. To get one more house built, and to make one LAST trip around the USA in this coach to see the families out in Utah and Oregon. (Okay so that is two, my bad)
I said ‘get’ the house built, not build it myself. I do miss being able to do that.  I used to talk to my contractor friends when they would tell how many houses they had built and I thought, ‘you have NEVER actually built a house yourself.’ It was an ego thing. 
(This was the last one I did alone (with Sherry's help))

I can, and have built a complete house from the dirt up to and including nailing the ridge cap in place, by myself, except for A/C.  It took me years to realize very few people can start and finish a house, NOR do they NEED TO.  But I was a hands on builder and even the last ones, I had to do something, I love driving nails. I even enjoyed the final clean up. LOL
Let’s have a good year ‘together.’ From Myra’s blog.

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PS Victor’s comment on Myra’s blog about the toilet paper, cracked me up. And yes since seeing it in a motel I fold a triangle in the first sheet on a roll.  LOL


betty said...

How funny, Jack, that you fold the toilet paper into a triangle :) It always looks good in the hotels like that. I'm just glad it gets changed here myself :)

Great goals for 2019 to build a house, in no matter what capacity you choose to be involved and to get the trip in you want to take. I think you'll do more than survive in 2019, you and Sherry will thrive!


Chatty Crone said...

Are you talking about thr 48 states or the entire 50!?


ambitious goals for sure. good luck.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good goals for sure. Sounds like it will be a very busy year for doubt. 80 is a good number, definitely a sign of a good life. Here I'm pushing 75 this year. Hope it's a good one as we celebrate another 'together'.

jack69 said...

Thanks guys, and Chatty it will be the lower 48, Sherry wouldn't be comfortable driving back to Alaska I am sure, but I will not rule out a flight to Hawaii. A lot we did not see there. (smile) Yeah MA, lets have a great year.......

Mevely317 said...

I may have said it before, but this picture is MY kinda house! I've no idea what I'd do with all that room, but I still like it! That's a grand idea to take a hop, skip and jump around the country. My blog pals Rita and Frank did just that 9 years ago … called theirs the 'last hurrah.' My only advice? Never say 'nevermore'!

Dar said...

I'm always in awe at the two of you. No doubt, you will travel the lower 48 again and skip over to Hawaii just to see what you haven't seen yet. Bill and I built the cabin with the help of a couple brothers, sons and parents. It was a blast and we'd do it again, come some energy. LOL We never had to hire one contractor except to pour the foundation. The cabin has become our little bit of heaven.
As for resolutions, I resolved long ago to never make a resolution. Nuff said.
loven'hugs from up north where we have new adventures every day.

Rick Watson said...

You are right Jack. Very few people can REALLY build a house. I have skills but I don’t have the skills to build a house.
I admire you for that.