Saturday, January 19, 2019

Guess what I carved? Because I do not know!

******** Automobile’s of Art:
                 Moving in the mud. The now:
When you have no idea what you are doing at times it is sort of fun. I started this ‘THING’ to see how my new electric chain saw works.  I do like it, it is less noisy than any chain saw I have. So here is the beginning:

Then I played with it a little more:

 The final project left a lot to be desired.  Is it a dog, a bear or a cow? I kept touching it a little more and a little more.

 Then I thought, maybe, no matter what it is, it would look better in a bow tie and tux. So I tried that.

At least I got a good laugh out of it.  Remember this it the first time I have tried to sculpt anything. It is different than a painting where you do not have to worry about the back side of the subject.  LOL

So, the game is guess what it is?
It has dog ears, methinks. Sort of a cow nose.  It could be a bear if I sharpened up the nose.  Anyway it is sort of fun. I do not see it as a real hobby.
Nite Shipslog
PS:  Great comments on the collectables. You guys reminded me of things I had forgotten.  Some were Hummel's, the Teddies, and especially the News paper Front pages of great events. I once tore down a house and in one of the walls was three Well preserved news papers of the beginning and end of WWII.  I have learned you can buy about any headlined paper concerning WWII cheap.  I still treasure them, but they too have past most interest. Show me the old bottle or toy worth $10,000 and I will say let me know when you find a buyer! YEP, times sure change.  THANKS, I like this blogger world. I didn't know Roy & Dale were that outdated! :-(


Lisa said...

I’m so proud of you. That is really good for a first. I just showed this to Nick and we had a good laught. He said it was a “HippoDog”.

You’ll be carving a boat before you kow it.

Woody said...

I Like it, I sort of looks like a DoCoer, Ya Know, Dog, Bear, Cow. I think it is a keeper, Looks like a pretty good saw. Well, BE CAREFUL with that thing ! Take Care ! Gary an Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

Wow! I’m officially impressed.

betty said...

First thing I thought was that he looked like Alf from the TV series.

You did great for your first project!! I'm really impressed!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I definitely think it looks like a dog. Great job for your first endeavor. You did good ! Now you have a new thing to set out front of your home on wheels. I think he looks happy and friendly too!

Glenda said...

Impressive first! That bow tie/tux is adorable, very well defined. You can do this!!!

Dar said...

Well, look at you go! Before ya know it, you'll be taking orders. He looks like a personable doggie to me. He can be your new greeter. I love your ability to 'dig in' no matter the challenge. If I remember right, one of the boys gave you the carving idea and he'd be proud.
loven'hugs from very chilly 'up north.' We woke to minus -10 again and at present it's minus -3. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. We're headed to lil' sis's for lunch so I actually had to dig to the back of the closet for a much warmer jacket.

Mevely317 said...

Count me Little Sir Echo … but I'm way impressed! What will you be naming your new dog? (Perchance 'Jimmy', as in Jimmy Durante?)

Jackie said...

What talents you have....