Saturday, January 12, 2019

Past comments, Big smile!

Automobiles of Art

     The Corvette, a dream of many young folk
Awwwwww, I love you guys and the comments. I got a smile from many about the ‘Unnecessary tasks’.  Of course there have been times our bed wasn’t made. BUT the biggest kick was out of Betty’s comment about the sheet washing day, she said, ‘I tell the hubby don’t make the bed I am washing sheets today.’
Sherry tells me the exact thing, and most of the time it is the night before and ‘jack forgets’. Then when she looks back and sees the bed made she says AGAIN, “I told you!”  LOL. Sometimes she says I will do it tomorrow and adds, “REMEMBER in the morning…….” Then I usually remember.

I honestly try to share the load, but I must admit, it has not always been so. I once blogged about what I called my ‘Epiphany’. Meaning to me:
..Unusually sudden  perception of the real meaning of our marriage.

That time it hit me just how important Sherry is in my life. I thought I had always appreciated her, and I had. But when the full weight of what she is in my life hit me, I was humbled. This was to me. I will not cover it again, but needless to say from that moment on I have tried to make her life as ‘sweet’ as I could, because I realized now that she IS my life. We are not just a team, but one.

We have our favorite meals, She likes my chicken, rice, carrots and peas meal (which is today). Yesterday we about finished her super meal, fish soup. I love it.

We always walk holding hands, earlier today a lady slowed on her bike to comment, ‘How romantic.  We actually hear that (or similar) often.
      Picture from the internet

I joke with Sherry because she always answers with something like, “I’m just afraid I will fall.” I always chide her, ‘don’t ruin their perception, tell ‘em you love me, they think you do’ and we get a good laugh.
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PS: The incident we laugh about happened in Rondout Valley, NY. A guy slowed down in his car rolled down the window and said, “Get a motel room!” then drove off laughing.

To me this illustrates how I see my peers today.  We have no idea what
the old bodies we pass on the street have been or have accomplished over their lifetime.


Chatty Crone said...

You and Sherri are both lucky and blessed to have each other. I suspect she thinks the same thing about you.
The shadows below of once was is sad.

Woody said...

I love holding Anna Maes hand when we walk, I like the fact I can feel her touch and warmth, makes me feel good ! Just staying inside, temps are BELOW ZERO and it is cold for me !!! Behave yourself, Gary an Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

We’ve heard- Get a Room - before. We took it as a compliment:)

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack. So funny Sherry says the same thing! One day you'll get it right :)

So sweet you and Sherry are always holding hands. You both are a testament that young love can succeed and grow into "old" love and couples can still be together after all those years.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two are so blessed to still be walking hand and hand. I think that you do what it takes to support each other making sure neither one trips up. ***BIG SMILES*** from the winter wonderland of Ohio today!

Lisa said...

Ok , so if people still have to stop and remind you to “get a hotel room” yall still got it! I love seeing love last. Me and Nick snuggle and cuddle but we do not hold hands much unless we are in a crowed spot. Sometimes I will just grab his hand and start walking and he will purposly crook over like hes 100 years old and walk real real slow. So I roll my eyes and let go. Hahaha we get a good laugh out of it though.

Off to church

Glenda said...

Those supportive hands holding each other reminds me of one of my favorite greeting cards:

Cover - "Sometimes you just need a great big hug...
Inside - ...after another."

You two have so many years of holding hands and hugging each other; keeps that teenage love alive! Y'all have a wonderful day.

Dar said...

The last picture reminds me of you and Sherry so much, ~~~ Ginger Rogers and Fred Estere'...awesome love so strong you always feel like dancing. We don't hold hands as much as what we walk arm in arm as he holds my hand. I love him and his support so much. gettin' all sentimental here.
loven'hugs from up north where the weather outside is actually 'nice'

Mevely317 said...

That business of the bedsheets is a hoot! Whenever we've had occasion to stay with relatives, come the end of the visit I automatically strip my bed and put the sheets together in a corner. Now I'm wondering if that was right -- what if she hadn't planned to launder them? Oops!

Love that last picture SO much!