Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The boil or A boil

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Today: Happy New Year

Sherry was recalling some of her earliest memories NY eve morn. I had scrolled on down on this blog to the Johnny & Sherry on the goat wagon, in 1942. She remembered a terrible boil on her leg . At the mention of the boil, my hand automatically went to the back of my neck where I remember a boil from childhood. Mama taped a small piece of ‘fatback’ to ‘draw it to a head.’ Did you get a boil? Do kids get boils now?

A happy picture, Colette is holding Sherry here. The others are friends or cousins. Mill House in the back ground.

Talking about the goat wagon picture, Sherry said, “Jack there were 9 people in our family then and we lived in a 3 room mill house. I don’t ever remember being unhappy.

Funny that, I shared a bedroom with my sisters until Kat was married. Then with Shirley until the 4th grade when Dad was assigned to a church in Albemarle. There we each had a bedroom. 

Later when dad was sent to Valdese,  again I shared a bedroom with Shirley for a year. Then Daddy bought a home=made 8x8 trailer for my bedroom. My dog Ace ‘n Me were in heaven. He could sleep with me and we even had our own radio. It was missing the dial and knobs, but it worked.

It was not uncommon for large families to live in a few rooms. Very few houses had more than one inside bathroom. Most were just a toilet, and not a make up room.

Life Changes  (great book title Rick) and we usually change with it, and many times do not notice we have changed.

Picture used lately. Johnny CArson or a very good look alike did you notice the ring on the Right hand? It is a puzzle ring. I bought Sherry one in Italy or Greece. I thought it was neat.

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Susan Kane said...

We lived in an old farm house, with one bathroom and no heat upstairs. Boys shared one bdrm, and we girls shared the other. Good times.

Lovely ring!

betty said...

Mom's family was 10 siblings. They lived in a 3 bedroom house, but by the time she came along some of the older ones were already out on their own. It was boys in one bedroom, girls in the other and parents had their own room. Nowadays a family of 3 live in a 2000 square foot house with multiple unused bedrooms. Times sure have changed!



love that puzzle ring. bet sherry treasures it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Huge homes are a reactively new thing. Many lived with two bedrooms and a third was a bonus. One thing I remember about my grand parents house was the big dinning room though, it was the center of the home and everyone gathered there and not just for meals. Thankfully I don't ever remember having a boil, but I do know they are very painful. My youngest son wears one of those puzzle rings. They are amazing.

Lisa said...

SO now I'm putting it all together. Your love for camping started in an 8x8 trailer room. ha.
I cant remember ever having a boil but I remember my brother having one on his back. I remember he always picked at it which would make it worst.
You don't hear about boils much anymore but I think people still get them. They just call them cyst now.

Cloudy and 51 in Gtown

Dar said...

Our youngest just had a cyst removed, I suppose the same thing.
Coming from a family of 9 of us kids, the 3 boys had one half of a large barely insulated room and us gals had the other half upstairs. The room was divided by a long bookshelf Dad made, books and puzzles on each side. We never complained about the cold, just snuggled all together like baby robins.
love the thought of a puzzle ring....gotta look into those.
loven'hugs from up north where we head back out to the farm to cut the other half of the plantation of spruce. I plan to make a Shepherd's Pie for lunch.
Come on up. The weather's in the 30's today, a heat wave.!!!~~~~

Mevely317 said...

I'd never heard of those puzzle rings before … so cool!
Growing up I can't recall anyone's parents having a plus-1 bathroom; now I'm shaking my head at the 'sacrifice' Tom and I make when we have to share one while traveling. Hahaha. Sorry, I don't recall boils; they sound painful!