Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The famous Waterbury

Automobiles of Art
That 1992 Roadmaster Buick

Just lately I saw a curious trivia question, "Can you identify this small pocket?"

I thought, WHAT a silly question? Everyone knows that is a watch pocket, gimme a break. Things become tough when you realize you are older than your dad ever was.  My dad always carried a pocket watch. At times he would place it on the pulpit when he started to preach only on special occasions did he go past 30 minutes. I have heard daddy say many times about the length of a sermon, "A mind can only retain as much as the seat can take."

Before he died he gave his gold ‘railroad’ watch to a nephew who treasured that watch. Nephew's house was burglarized and he lost the watch. It was solid gold, but the fact it was his grandpa’s hurt worse than losing the value.

As a child I was fascinated to see dad pull his watch out, press the winding knob and the front pop open for a second and then he snapped it shut and it slid back into his pocket. It was all one smooth move.

Most folks today have never heard, "What does your Waterbury say?" There was a time in my youth and before that was the same as saying, "What time do you have?" The less expensive watches were made by Waterbury of Connecticut. Now widely known for the Timex.

Growing up I had several 'Waterbury' ‘dollar’ watches. Cheap pocket watches (but good). I guess the pocket-watch pocket went the way of ‘hunkeydory’, ‘made in the shade’ or ‘hung out to dry.’ Many things, fads or words are gone and forgotten. Maybe ‘Cool’ was so big it is still used and understood. That's cool.

Golly gee, is there a saying or some ‘object’
you miss, or just remember? The above game started with 'oneses', remember? Shirley was good at it and taught me the game.
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Chatty Crone said...

Interesting - I never saw a watch like that in person, but on tv yes.
I thought that game was called jax.

Woody said...

I remember well my Dad and Grandfather carried a "Pocket Watch". I still have my Pocket Watch handed down to me. It does not have a cover on it. I remember Mott Meldrim, he was the Conductor on the Edwards to Gouverneur Rail Road, we would ride the Train and I can remember him standing on the step, watch in one hand, and his arm waving to "Star" Reynolds the Engineer to leave the station. Sweet Memories !!!!! Hope this Storm is not a bad one ! How is the "Home on Wheels" doing ? Good I hope. You 2 take care, sending down warm thoughts from the Frozen North Country ! Gary and Anna Mae !

betty said...

I loved playing jacks. Played it way into my teen years! Nowadays it seems less people wear watches and rely on their cell phones or other devices to get themselves somewhere on time. Shame about your dad's watch being stolen.


Glenda said...

Your blog always brings back a memory ~ I had to google "watch pocket in a vest" because I distinctly rememember seeing those worn when I was a kid ~ found some great images! And yes, we also played jacks for entertainment!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never had a pocket watch, but some of my jeans have a watch pocket in them. I think they are mostly a man thing. One of my sons carries one. He was always fascinated with one my dad had. Lots of things have gone by the way, but it seems that they come round again sooner or later. Snow on the ground and it is cold in Ohio today, hope you all are keeping warm!

bobbie said...

I still have my Grandpa's pocket watch! It hasn't worked in decades, but my Mom always kept it set at the time I was born, and I'm continuing that tradition ~

Mevely317 said...

What a sentimental loss! I totally get how some things are priceless because of the memories attached.

My, but you've stumped me on old sayings. All's I can come up with is something I saw on Ma's post the other day, that I STILL say: "Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise." That and a word my grandma used liberally in praise of something or another, "Swell."

Lisa said...

I knew it was a watch pocket but I used to use it to carry "that extra quarter" in case I needed to make a call. Don't even need that anymore.

Funny about the sermon. We had a visiting pastor once tell the congregation that he will try to make it out by 12 because he didn't want to to come between a Baptist and a meatloaf. I had the giggles the rest of the sermon.

love from here.

Dar said...

A couple pair of my jeans have watch pockets too and it's exactly where my pocket watch would slide into after flipping the cover and checking the time. I have several, one of the half dozen that doesn't keep time anymore. One was mine, a couple from a neighbor who knew I loved them and a couple vintage finds for cheap....tho they are not. Great memories restored here again. Now I have to get the ol' collection out and take another look. Maybe I'll start using them again. The weather outside truly is frightening...feeling in the below digits once again. The wind today was bone-chilling. I'm so glad to be back home in our cozy corners with the consistent wood heat warming us.
loven'hugs from up north where We Want Sunshine to bring warmth again. Stay warmed by your lovely brides enbrace.