Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Those unnecessary tasks, like making a bed..

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Like many of my life tales, I have told this before. I was out of boot camp about 6 months and getting a little ‘salty’ (LOL) One morning we were in formation to march to the chow hall. Sgt. says, “Darnell your rack is not made up, fall out.”
“Why Sarge? I’ll just mess it up tonight.”
“Fall out and prepare for my inspection after the rest of us eat. Ain’t no need for you to eat this morning, you will just get hungry again.”
I watched my buddies march off for breakfast, I never failed to make a rack again.

Our bed is always made here in the motor home. One reason is when someone visits they are looking directly back to the bedroom. 

I am normally last up in the morning and as a rule I make the bed. Sherry joins me if she isn’t fixing breakfast or talking to Evelyn on the phone.  Haha

There are tasks that men sorta think is a waste of time or unnecessary:
1.       Washing sheets (military once a week)
2.       Ironing clothes
3.       Cleaning windows
4.       Washing the car. 
5.       Taking a FAMILY picture. Now that is a task that should NEVER be ignored. Women are much better at seeing the future and how much those pictures will mean.  I am reminded of Bro. Rick’s blog (life101) where he  said, “I tell the folks it may be a pill, but one day you will thank me.”  Of course he is right. I have two family pictures, forced by determined females that I am so proud of. And think of the girls every time I see them.
Paula said once, John’s bed would never be made it left up to him. (Lots of men fit in that category.) LOL
So really us boys are not beyond redemption, you just have to understand, at times we just might not think ‘RIGHT’, and need some ‘sweet’ encouragement.
Remember ladies, most some of the time, men are nice people.

I might have missed one that us boys think is unimportant, did I?

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Lisa said...

Sometimes I make the bed, sometimes I dont. It makes me feel better when I do. It’s like Im starting my day out in order. Sometimes I just throw the sheets over the pillows and shut the door. I hate washing windows that is a chore that maybe gets done once a year by the husband.

Off to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can see why making the bed in your home would be an important thing thing to do. It's a habit here for me to do so. No matter if anyone else sees it. It feels good too to get into a bed that has been made when the day ends too. I see my sons doing things that my DDH would never have thought to do. I think it's great they help so much, but back in the day their dad would not of done it. You are a good man ! And I'm sure Sherry appreciates your help.

betty said...

I remember newly married and coming home from work and seeing the bed not made (and dishes in the sink). Two things I had never done, LOL, as we were taught to make our beds first thing when we got up and to not leave dirty dishes in the sink. We had a talk, hubby and me, (or maybe a scolding on my part) but he never left the bed unmade or dishes in the sink after that. Nowadays when I change the sheets, I tell him "don't fuss with the bed, I'll be changing the sheets." He does do a lot of the cooking and the cleaning up afterward so I can't complain :)


Dar said...

Making the bed before I leave the room in the morning is one thing I've always done, also first taught as a child that it starts a day off on the right foot. Dishes are always cleared away and the kitchen cleaned, sometimes as I'm still cooking. One thing DDH Finally has got down is to put toilet paper on the holder when it runs empty. For years, we worked on that one. lol He is my
' back ' savior as he always sweeps & mops the floors for me without complaint. I'm sure I could come up with more but I don't want to offend any man important in my life like my DDH and sons. lol
loven'hugs from up north where it's still quite bone-chilling in north WI. God Bless you and Sherry

Mevely317 said...

Your story from boot camp still makes me chuckle! Wonder if my son didn't have the same sgt. as yours. He claims to make it every day, even if it's right before he gets in it. Ha! I'm the same way ... probably on account, there's so little in this world I can control, that's something I CAN! Have to confess, I'm way guilty of #3 and #4 on your list. Out of sight, out of mind!

Susan Kane said...

My husband is retired now and makes the bed almost every morning. AND he empties the dishwasher. He is a keeper.