Friday, January 4, 2019

Those changes

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The here and now:
I mentioned yesterday that things change and at times we do not take notice. In our hometown Park Street was two lanes and a main exit route. Driving down a long hill it ended at Wilkinson Boulevard, a 4 lane road. The first 4 lane road I can remember, a long time before I moved here. Wilkinson runs between Charlotte and Gastonia, NC. Looking across Wilkinson where Park Street ended was nothing but woods. Property owned by the Catholic Church and bordered on the Abby Campus.  Everyone ‘knew’ this would always be.
The people who lived in Belmont accepted the changes that happened fairly fast over a two year period. But for we who were gone during that time frame were flabbergasted to come into town and find Park street was now 4 lanes and continued ACROSS Wilkinson where a big shopping center anchored by ROSES stood on the left and a big restaurant, Food Town and Bowling alley across the street. In my mind I asked, “How did this happen?”
I have no doubt it is the same in most small towns. TODAY with the cell phone and internet for local news, the surprise would not be as startling.
Funny that, looking back on our life style to keep in touch via phone. For years we carried a pile of quarters for pay phones, now a pay phone is an oddity. I am reminded of that because one of our phones went swimming a few days ago and has not acted right since. So today we bit the bullet and bought a new ‘much smarter than us’ Phone.
To buy a phone you need ‘secret words’, passwords, and promise your next child will be named Verizon or something like that. But the deed is done. HOWEVER the charging connection(wire fittings) is not the same, so we need two charging lines of different connectors. WE will learn to live with it. ‘Smile’.
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Mevely317 said...

Exactly! I hardly recognized U.S. 19 when I visited Clearwater last July. (Stunned and saddened.) I'm sore afraid my cell phone's going the way of yours. Go figure, we just paid it off.

Chatty Crone said...

Things change faster than we can keep up with. I feel sometimes like I want to stop with the knowledge I have not - lol - but you have to keep up with the times. Good luck with your new phone. You know you can put the wet phone in rice and leave for a couple days and it might dry it up.

betty said...

We experienced that change when we were away from parts of Southern California for 10 years. When we returned, areas that had been open fields were now houses and so many new roads. Took a bit to get used to.

We did see several pay phones when we were visiting in the San Diego area last month. I was surprised to see them. Not sure if they were still functioning or not. I was tempted to take pictures of them and then share them on my blog, but I didn't.

Good luck learning the new phones! I'm sure you'll both be pros at them so very soon!


Rick Watson said...

You are connected Jack. The more I learn about my phone the more I realize I don’t know diddly :)


i hate that you have to buy a new phone every year or so to stay current.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Change is a part of life for sure. Just about the time I adapt to one, another changes. Sometimes I think they make some changes just so we will have to buy something new. I can relate to road changes too, even here they are always happening and it is a surprise when what we knew is changed. I try to adapt and go with the flow. Enjoy those new phones while you can, they are bound to change again soon!

Lisa said...

Once you figure it out, you will love your new “smarter” phone. It’s amaizing all you can do in the palm of your hand now days.
I always hate the processs of setting up a new one but once the “deed is done” I love it.
I have an iPhone 8 and an iPad pro and love them both.
I remember the bowling ally in Belmont. Went there many times. It used to work at the Taco Bell on the corner also.

Heading Down Wilkerson to Charlotte today

Glenda said...

So, I find myself with a similar phone story; mine that I knew and loved took a bath and had to be replaced last week. OMG, the learning curve, iPhone like the last just a newer model, different, I'm confused and cannot find my glasses when I need to see!

Dar said...

yep, so many changes..........time to go off the grid....l
loven'hugs from up north. see ya