Friday, January 25, 2019

My life and view of the USA

        Automobile’s of Art:

                         1987 Mustang

The now: (I  have heard pessimistic opinions for years, this country is going down the drain. It is my opinion, this country is full of wonderful people and a few crap heads)

(Brothers Jr & Odis in WWII)

When I guarded our home with a wooden rifle during WWII, one of my dreams was to one day serve in the military. 

                 (Little Jackie, WWII, mama made the uniform)

So when I could, I quit school and joined. I proudly served this country in the USMC, USAF, and the USN. Together Sherry and I have been in over 26 countries. Keep in mind, I am and have been sort of a gypsy. Averaging much less than 3 years in one place. With that record, living away from parent’s stomping grounds has been no problem.
                         As a young Marine

I have NEVER been in a country that I thought, “This place is great, I want to settle here.” We are not wealthy, but at present we could relocate to many countries and live in luxury.  Sherry could even have servants in many countries and live ‘THE LIFE’.
Young Airman coming home to our trailer, Jack Jr. in the window

I said  that to say, I love the USA. There is no place on the planet I would rather be, OR I WOULD BE THERE.

I laughed when some people said 'if Obama is elected I am moving to another country.' I smiled again when high profile people said, 'If Trump is elected I am moving out.' LOL

Politics? I think we would have better decisions without ‘professional politicians’. I would like term limits, just like the president has. Even better if lobbyists were not allowed. There is lots of room for improvement, but with all its warts, this is the best country in the world, BAR NONE!
An older Sailor, enjoying his young wife.

Do I like our president? I voted for him, I thought we needed a business man and he is the only one we have had run. Do I like what he has done? Like presidents before him, some of it.

Personally I wish tweets had never left the bird cage in cartoons.

I think we have some obviously ‘ignorant’ senators and congress people, but their constituents voted or them. Those folk probably don’t like the ones I voted for. BUT you see, this is AMERICA, we have choices.

I have been asked, are we headed for Hell in a hand-basket?  Of course not. I cannot think of one president since I have been alive that I agreed with even 85%. But he is president of the entire USA, not just me and my family.
                     The chief and his lady
              The older chief, still loving this country!

You don’t like the present administration?  Just like the weather, stick around long enough and it will change. Yeah, I know. Change can’t come soon enough at times!  It never does when you do not agree. LOL It is sorta like Christmas, seems to take forever, but it WILL HAPPEN!

      Finally, the retired General Contractor and his wife. Just my opinion.
                ******I love this country!*******
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Jackie said...

You are such a wise man.
I thank you for your service to our great country.
I agree with you that there is no country in the world that I would rather live in other than the United States of America.
Hugs to your Sherry. I know she enjoys reading your blog and your comments. I send her a smile from here in south Georgia.
Again....thank you for your service, Jack.


Lisa said...

I always like to read your reassurance that this is still a great place to live. I think smart phones and media is the culprit in starting trouble. I just think a lot of people are uneducated (including me).
I voted for DJ too. (I even have a MAGA hat). I don't always agree on his ways of doing things but I think he could do great things and really wish they would lighten up on him a bit and give em a chance.

Your tweet remark made me laugh.

Glenda said...

Pretty much agree with the political commentary, yep I voted for the Donald and agree about Twitter!
Great pics of the Navy veterans, especially the ones with pretty Sherry :)

Susan Kane said...

Good looking man, soldier!

Your words about our country are spot on.

NanaDiana said...

Well, what fun to see you and your beautiful wife when you were 'youngsters'. You certainly nailed handsome.

I agree with you- politics changes with every administration. I wish people would just agree to disagree and support the country-even if they cant' support the man.

I believe that we live in the best country in the world, too, bar none.

Bless you and Sherry! Hugs-Diana

Mevely317 said...

Applauding from stage left!
I, too, voted for (and continue to support) President Trump … but that doesn't mean I agree with everything he says or does. Just the same as his predecessors. Like Lisa, I laughed at your Tweet remark. Good one!

PS - GREAT pix!

Brenda said...

Change come quickly!!
Love your blogs about you and your wife!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I voted for Trump as well - this seems to be a theme here. I don't like or believe everything he says but he is for America.
Thanks for your three services.

What do you think about the new abortion law in New York? I don't know I am a bit worried about our country. I pray a lot.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ah yes, I'm proud to be an American and wouldn't want to live any other place !

Dar said...

I'm a supporter of our president. He's doing his best to make America great again, tho I think it's never lost all it's greatness. Just like the weather and the stock market, if you want it to change, wait a minute. I so enjoyed the pictures of you and Sherry, and you in your three uniforms of service. I thank you for your firm love of the country I also love and will never leave.
Now if only our ' government ' would work ' together ' instead of all this pettiness. Nothing good comes from so much disagreement. Agree to disagree and carry on with their duties to honor our wonderful country.
love n' hugs from up north where the wind chill has warmed to -35 'below' zero. I Still ' choose ' to live here.

betty said...

I too voted for Mr. Trump. I think the media doesn't fairly cover him, but he is getting things done so to speak. I too wish he wouldn't tweet but I don't think that's ever going to change. Our country is a great one to live in and I'm glad to be an American. At least with Mr. Trump as president, we are getting conservative judges back on the Supreme Court and I think that was something that this country needed if it is going to continue to remain great.

Loved all the pictures of you and Sherry through the years.


Rick Watson said...

I’m not a fan of the president, but I think term limits and banning lobbyists would make this country a much better place.