Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Johnny saved my life in 1955

******** Automobile’s of Art:
To me this was THE car of 1955, the Chevrolet.  The here and now:
 Happy New Year
I have a brother in law older than I and one younger than I am, Johnny. I give Johnny credit for saving my life. I have told here on this blog that once when I was dating Sherry and planning to try to make it serious by asking her to ‘go steady’. Some of you young folk will have no idea what that meant to boys and girls in the 1950s.

Anyway I ‘accidentally’ dated a former girlfriend during that time and when Sherry learned about it she refused to talk to me. I think she had already planned to move to NYC to get away from the snotty kid who had been dating her.
Friend Martha had a pair or Sherry’s shoes, and I volunteered to return them. I knocked on the door and Johnny came to the door, Sherry refused to come to the door. I gave Johnny one shoe. Later I came back with the other shoe and Johnny refused to answer the door, forcing Sherry to do it. That way I had a chance to beg, grovel, plead and give her the other shoe. She actually laughed and forgave me.  If Johnny had come to the door I might be an old bachelor or just jumped in the river, my life was over! Instead I   have my angel.
That sounded silly, but it was one serious problem for a 16 year old. Strange isn’t it. How at times decisions of the moment can make or ruin a life. One indiscretion can change the course of the stream of one’s life.
Maybe Sherry would have given me another chance without the shoes. But at 16 I knew she had dated much better prospects than me, and one of those guys could have come back into her life.  I could not stand the thought. LOL
BUT heck with it, I won, I am happy and Life is good.
Remember the flooded Peace River?

 Then and now below.
Then and now

The Peace is back in its banks.
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betty said...

I had to laugh with the word "accidentally" when talking about the girl you "accidentally" dated while going steady with Sherry. I can see why she might not have wanted to answer the door when you came a'knocking. I'm sure there's more to that story that you might or might not choose to share here :)

Its cold here in Phoenix the past few days. I'm a wimp, having lived those years in Montana, but highs here in the 40s/50s for the past few days are frankly just too cold!


Dar said...

How I would have loved to see you walking away with one shoe in your hand after delivering the other one. You were quite the romantic........accidentally, heck, Jack. Thank God Sherry forgave you for you two are the most 'in love' people I know, well besides me and my guy, my guy.
Ya gotta love the Chevy's...loved the look of them too back then. My great aunt had one similar that I learned to drive in.
loven'hugs from up here in cold minus weather of WI...the nights have been bitter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to see Peace River is back in its banks and everything is peaceful now. What a difference! You blog is only one of a very few I could leave o commit on today. I miss not being able to comment on all the many blogs I read. But am really glad I can still do it on yours! Happy Wednesday....the new year brings change and we hope this one that will not last.

Mevely317 said...

Like Betty and Dar, I'd love to know how one can 'accidentally' date someone? Perhaps Sherry would care to enlighten us? Ha!
These before and after pix of the flooding have my jaw hanging agape!
Albeit short, wishes for a safe journey!

Lisa said...

Ok, I'm thinking that was a smooth move to deliver just one shoe at a time. I'm glad it worked out. We all "accidentally" make wrong choices but they all make a story in the end.

From the office,

Glenda said...

Wonderful that you have had walking room around that river, instead of wading! That was a smooth move with the shoe trick, too funny!!!


you're lucky sherry forgave you. glad to hear the Peace River is back to normal.