Monday, January 7, 2019

Visitors to Orlando, the good the bad and the ugly! ;-)

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 Hope your weather is good this January!

We  spend time at tourist destinations. We are only a couple miles from Disney now. I often wonder if I could handle living permanently in the temporary society of the tourist destination. 
 Our crew entering the 100 mile wilderness was international. l-R Gordie (professor from Kenya), Me, Fred (25 yrs in Africa) Son Mark, born in Missouri and about 4 yrs in GITMO!

I thought of this yesterday when we decided to run to Walmart. HA! I had forgotten. They were trying to keep the shelves stocked but were losing the battle and the clerks actually looked haggard. 

Disney, Universal, and the other attractions bring people of all nationalities, dress and languages. Most in a hurry, but friendly and mannerly. Yes, there are the few RUDE ones.

Funny how one rude person will ruin a trip or day if you allow it? We of course are not in a hurry, and the few rude ones I overlooked. As we walked around my mind was going back to the hike of the Appalachian Trail.  It too attracts people from all over the world. Most are courteous, respectful and appreciative of the host country. 

Trail names are common. Very few hikers are nasty. One exception was the ‘Flying Dutchman’. A strong and fast hiker, who openly said he came to America to show the Americans how to hike. His goal was to set a record. One guy from Ireland openly challenged him. We do not remember seeing them, but they passed us somewhere in PA or NY. He did eventually beat the Irishman to Katahadin, but earned very few friends and did not set a record.

Along the hike there are ‘shelters’. Every shelter has a log book for expressing one’s self. Every entry by the Dutchman made me angry. He was openly taunting and anti-US, which I thought was unnecessary since he was a visitor. We have visited many countries and never felt it necessary to tell them how to live.
 Grandma was hiking the trail, the kids flew over from Norway to hike a few day with her.

Anyway I am not sure I would want to live in a big city or a tourist destination spot.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be a different way of living. I had friends that retired and went to work at Disney to supplement their income and they enjoyed it until failing health changed all that. They enjoyed it while it last. I don't think I'd want to do that and really didn't want to work at all after retirement. It's good to visit but nice to be home. Sad some have to be rude, when it's much easier to smile and it doesn't cost a cent either.

Glenda said...

One of the places I've been during the holiday is the Orlando airport, now that is a very busy place and yes, some less than happy travelers waiting to return to their part of the world!
Always love seeing your "Trail" photos, y'all have a sunshiny day in Florida!

Chatty Crone said...

That Flying Dutchman is a person with a real issue.

I would not want to live near that myself - I like to go slow and have my WalMart filled!

betty said...

Our Wal-Mart hasn't been stocked adequately for 2 years and I "blame" that on the minimum wage here going up yearly (from 8.05 to 10 dollars the first year, then 10.50 last year, 11 this year, and the final one to 12 dollars next year). I anticipate more shortages on the shelves. My husband did make a point one time how many grocery stores it takes to provide food for the 6 million people that live in the Valley of The Sun. There is pretty much a big grocery store chain on every corner (every major corner, you get my idea). The cheaper ones like Frys and Wal-Mart are usually not as stocked as the more expensive ones like Albertsons.

On our recent trip to San Diego when we were in a lot of tourist places, I decided I didn't want to live where there were lots of them available. There are things for sure here in Phoenix but I haven't seen the crowds there of them that I saw in parts of San Diego and the Disneyland area. However, if I was retired in that area I might consider working at Disneyland. Employees used to get free passes. It could be fun to have open access to Disney.

That man on the trail was downright rude and hostile. Got to almost feel sorry for him in why he felt he had to do that.


Lisa said...

Just stay away from the Walmarts down there!

From the desk

Mevely317 said...

Whew on that miserable dude! Someone needs to kill him with kindness (and a swift kick).
After living in Phoenix for 15 years, I hope I'll never-ever have to live in Big City again. (Montgomery's big, but we can visit and then get out!) I love our Wal-Mart, but like Betty cited, it seems they've issues with keeping their shelves stocked and orderly. The associates we encounter are 99% friendly and most of the time will take us to where we asked about instead of pointing. Maybe that's a 'southern' thing?

Dar said...

So sorry you had to encounter the 'rude dude' on your mostly pleasant hike. It was sooo good to see a photo of dear Fred. I know that hike was a check mark off his bucket list even tho it was a difficult one for him. I miss the ol'boy as I'm sure you also do. No tourist areas for me...this girl is pure country at heart in my little bit of our world. As for walmart, ours is 45 min. from us and usually well stocked in our less populated part of the country.
loven'hugs from up north where the ice is over an inch thick and dangerous. I slipped twice on my way to the mailbox...I don't do the scissor splits so well anymore. LOL