Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another one

(Just received this picture from friend Paul on the left coast)

Since driving large motor homes we have had 5 or 6 blowouts. One on the front, the rest on the rear.  We have dual tires on the rear so if need be, you can drive awhile with one blown. The front is a different story. A blowout on the front and you STOP!  Fortunately that happened on an Interstate with room to pull off on the shoulder.

Over the years we have learned never run a tire over 5 years. So most of the time I pay attention to that. The ones that blew this week are only 2 years old with over 1/2" of tread.

Yep, I said the 'ONES' that blew. About 100 miles from the RV park, and near Columbia, SC my girl said, "I heard something."  That means she heard something out of the ordinary. When I had a chance I pulled over to give the outside a look-over.  Sherry had already walked around inside looking for something untoward, like A cabinet opened, or a drawer sliding out, or a computer monitor crashed to the deck. NADA.

ANOTHER BLOWOUT! This time the outside dual.  It's inside dual was replaced with a new Goodyear tire yesterday.  I made an educated guess. This blow out is a wall blow out, tread still in tact. WE had 100 miles to go, so I told Sherry we can make it home on the new tire. I cut the speed down to 45-50mph with the flashers on. I stopped twice to check. It was going well like I thought it would. The tire stayed together not throwing pieces, I would not have driven on the highway if I was throwing pieces of heavy rubber.

We stopped for LP and diesel. Diesel was $1.65  per gal. Gas was $1.40 That is the least we have paid for diesel in many years.

The attendant looked at the blown tire, and gave me a look, when I said we were going to drive it about 30 more miles.  I really was not worried.  Being a cheap skate, I still would not gamble, if I thought the odds were not on our side. That new tire could handle the weight if I took it easy, and it did. WE are in NC now. I have ordered three more tires to match the Goodyear  we bought yesterday, at much less in cost.

Even with the blowouts, all the way up we talked about how lucky and blessed we are. We are living that song, "Side by Side", and plan to continue.
 Home under the cover and my new USA flag was waiting in the mail.

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Sheila Y said...

Well I'm glad all's well that ends well, and all the snow and ice is gone. But I still need one really good snow with no ice. :-D Glad you are home safe and sound, Sheila

betty said...

Glad you guys did get home safely! Good motto too with your Side by Side :) Let it continue on for many more a year!


Lisa said...

The condo on wheels was ready to rest. I'm glad you guys are home safe. It suppose to be pretty weather her in Gaston County all week so enjoy.

Not far from you.

Mevely317 said...

Now, that's unsettling!
I had to smile at your mention of the tire (NOT!) throwing pieces of rubber. My former hubby was plant manager for a company that manufactured tire retreads. Every time we'd pass a big old chuck on rubber on the highway he'd do a double take to make sure it wasn't a Bandag product!

Paula said...

Glad you two are home safe and sound.

Shirl Wrap said...

Glad you are home and we are having good weather. I'm glad the tires didn't
throw any rubber on the road and hit a car. Hope you have good news tomorrow
drive safe. I will be at the Historic House Friday.

Rick Watson said...

I imagine a blowout on a vehicle that size could be problematic unless you had some experience. I've never driven anything that size so I don't have a point of reference, but I'm pretty good at guesstimating.
I think the flag waiting in the mail was a sign.
I love America:)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two are very blessed and I'm so glad you made it home safely. Glad you have some new tires on order too! Better safe than sorry. We started the morning at 10 degrees here this morning. But the sun is coming out and warming up to mid 30's and they say tomorrow we could reach 50. Totally amazing ! Take good care!