Friday, February 12, 2016

Cal it a Senior Moment, I lost it!

My blog entries mostly  are 'off the top of my head', the things on my mind at the time.  I like to do my blog entries ahead of time when I can.
Last evening I penned an award winning entry, I approved it. Then I must have deleted it. IT IS GONE!

(Don't forget a monkey can swing a stick)

Once I have downloaded some things from my brain I am expecting this system to hold them. Well, last night instead of 'SAVE' I did something that killed my entry. It isn't in my 'trash can' (nor my head), it is gone.

If the brilliant idea returns I will record it, HA!
(There are things, you should never forget, because if they go wrong, can ruin your whole day!)

So this morning I will just say I cannot see it. Like the dirt on the back of my neck or behind my ears when I was a kid, I cannot see it.
(MY Sherry just said, "If you ever climbed that spiral staircase, YOU WOULD NOT FORGET IT!")  

I will say, stay warm, dry and happy.  If you ain't old yet, eat right, get your sleep, don't step in front of a moving train, truck or car and you might get old.   When you get old 'YOU ARE GONNA FORGET STUFF' and most times what you forget won't matter in the long run (UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE UK AND LOOK LEFT  FIRST (and forget to look right) BEFORE CROSSING THE ROAD!)

Nite Shipslog
ps: The spiral staircase above is in China

(Now you would be upset if you  got up stairs and had forgotten something on the first floor!)
Some things you  never forget, one is that 1953 Plymouth.

If course I will NEVER EVER forget that beauful lady when she was carrying our first son. She was/is always beautiful!


betty said...

Wow, that was some staircase! I would have to see it in person, but don't think I want to attempt to climb it :)

Sorry about your entry; that is so frustrating when it happens, especially if it is something that was really good! I write a lot of entries in my head at 3 a.m., but of course forget them by 6 a.m. :)


Mevely317 said...

Love your sense of humor ... even when the chips are down.

Most of my 'great' (???) ideas come along during my morning commute. Unfortunately, when I park my car and turn my attention to that which I'm paid for, those trains of thought disappear. I'm thinking of buying a pack of index cards and start making notes!

Lisa said...

I write right off the top of my head too. Some subjects will build up before I jot them down and then some post are written a day or two in advance. but most are as I'm thinking Like my bread and milk one. LOL. I just sit and think then type. Its a bloggers nightmare to loose a post or picture.

Been there done that.

Paula said...

Yes Sherry is a beautiful lady so you treat her nice and I know you do. We drove to S.A. this morning to eat at Snoga's. It is over near The Little Red Barn and I know you know what part of town thst is.

Shirl Wrap said...

It is best not to talk about forgetting things. It takes me 20 min. to think of a word I want to use. I think of my friends one 87 and 90. They both are active and sharpe mines and still drive. They are also your friends.
We had a few flurries and the sun came out but it is cold. Maybe it will
be warmer Monday...

Jean said...

We've had two nice sunny days in a row. I cleaned out the yard yesterday and today Ethan (grandson) and I cut down a dead dogwood tree and trimmed some limbs from two other trees. They're saying we're in for a colder weekend. Sorry you lost your post it's out there somewhere. Ha. I'm bad at losing my comments. Take care. Jean

Rick Watson said...

I'm going to forget you wrote this mister:)

Dar said...

BOO ! thought I'd drop by. It's been so long since I've read any blogs that I forgot how to get into my own...which is still inactive....update....
We have about 1 1/2 feet of snow, it's bitter cold tonight, wind chill of minus 35 already-we're expecting colder by morning.
All is well up here tho, Bill is looking better, he's bored and has already started his tomatoes under the grow lights. Today we planted radishes just because we are hungry for them...thank God for wood fire warmth in the wood stove down. We've played lots of cards and dice with Mom and Eric. Mel, Slim, Sara and Colleen are in Nashville whooping it up. Not much else going on in our frozen forest.
Love you and your sweet Sherry so cute.
Take care, stay warm and continue to enjoy life as it's way too short.
Hugs n' kisses

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometime or another I do think we've all had that happen. Everyone and then I read something good and forget to write it down and for the life of me cannot remember it. I know it was a good thought, but it's gone. Our brains are a mystery and just like the internet somethings do disappear into thin air. Take good care ! Hope it is warming up for you. Here we are hanging around in the single digits. Staying in and keeping warm.

Elizabeth said...

Funny but true! When we need anything technical done we call one of the grandchildren!