Monday, February 15, 2016

THE TRIP to South CArolina

Our usual trip to South Carolina was a little more exciting than we would have liked. Around 1PM we heard a noise, a little different than we had heard, Sherry looked thru the coach and saw nothing unusual.

It was disconcerting, but we plunged onward, in a few minutes, another strange noise. So I pulled over to check. I-95 is loaded with trucks of course and every time one would pass, the coach was rocked.  Anyway upon inspection I spied a blown tire, inside dual, the exact tire location that blew on the way home two years ago.

I first pulled into a Pilot station, they were packed, so I drove with flashers on a few more miles past Savannah into SC. I stopped at the SC WELCOME CENTER.  I listened as Sherry gave instruction where we were. Be there in 1-2 hours, need a tire? YES!  We have a deal $785.  Anything less expensive? NO!

2 hrs later. RING / RING, I have your tire, can't find you?  You are where?  I am 98 miles from there. (Little mix up) Refund credit card. New Road helper, same price. 2+ hours, we will be there. (NOT)

This is the time you are glad you have no schedule, we do not do well driving at night, but we got here and set up about 8:30 PM.  NOT FUN FOR AN OLD GUY!
Anyway, sorry if I miss some of you guys tonight. I am beat.  I had  planned an afternoon of working on my new novel, but that to, can wait. 

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betty said...

Glad you finally got there safe and sound, Jack! I agree, I'm not one that enjoys driving at night either myself.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Better late than never. Glad yo made it safely. I'm rarely out after dark any more. I know what you mean. Take good care and rest ! You deserve it !

Lisa said...

I'm glad you guys are safe. SC? New Novel? That's great!!!

Get some rest

Shirl Wrap said...

Glad you got set up and safe. Maybe the drive home will be good it is
going to be warm weather and sun shinning. Looking forward to you
returning home. Drive safe

Mevely317 said...

What a ghastly experience! I hate being at the mercy of strange (well, unknown) service providers.
At least you arrived safely and that's what counts!

Paula said...

We don't drive much at night either. Glad you got there safely. Those big old tires are expensive too.