Monday, February 1, 2016

The last hike at Crystal River

Another moving day! WE aren't going far, Headed to the Wildwood area for 2 weeks then North to North Carolina and maybe another Cochlear Implant. I am becoming Bionic! 
(A little complaining today)
We ate out Saturday afternoon. I picked the place (A very dangerous move, but I felt lucky), I picked a Fish house, Charlie's , on the river. Nice place and we had a view of the River. We have had good luck with Grouper sandwiches lately. The Quarterdeck in Umatilla has a great fish sandwich (used to be Grouper), they spoiled us to them.

Nice young waitress, a little nervous (maybe new). She took our order, we waited an hour or more. She came back a couple times to apologize and say it was on it's way.  My girl has 'cold blood' (what ever that means) and she carries a sweater if the temp is 95. We were placed under a fan, which wouldn't have been so bad if we had not had to wait so long. The sandwiches arrived, not great but okay. The main problem that caused the wait was caused by a group of 35 in the dining room with us they ordered just a little before us.
The above is why I am gun shy about picking a place, unless it is McDonalds, Hardees, Bojangles or TAco Bell.

But, but on the way back to the RV I noticed a birding trail.  Then Sunday Sherry noticed it, so for our last walk here,  we walked a beautiful trail (about 3 miles that day) into the marshlands.

 The grass in the grass lands grows to 4 or 5 feet. Placid streams meander through them.

It adds to the beauty when the water surface is like glass.
 Pools collect at low tide and folks like to fish here.

Some of the trail was wide and we could walk side by side which we prefer.
Much of it is single file.
The sad part of the walk was the end of the trail where some fishermen, who have no concern for 'our world'. Beer cans bait wrappers and just generally a trashed point.
I wished I had a garbage bag, but alas, nothing to put the trash in.
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betty said...

That was sad about the trash left there; don't know why people aren't more responsible about things like that.

I would think after waiting an hour or more for food, the manager should have comped your and Sherry's meals.

But I did enjoy your walk you shared with us :) Very pretty area!

Safe travels!


Jackie said...

Beautiful trail and surroundings.
Like you, I try and pick up trash, if at all possible. With every piece of paper or trash I pick up and put in the garbage bag, I whisper to myself, "This is God's Earth and creation. I can do my small part in helping to keep it clean. " It saddens me that people will throw trash out of their vehicles alongside the road. I can't change them, so I do what I can to change the appearance of the land that they have littered.
Happy travels to you and Sherry, and prayers that your cochlear implant will be successfully done.
Warm hugs,

Paula said...

Like that trail. I too like to walk side by side. In the store John trails behind and I hate that. I just can't understand litter bugs. I even like to sweep the street by my curb. Good luck with your implant and y'all have a safe trip.

Mevely317 said...

I've not had a grouper sandwich in forever! Still, it would've taken every bit of willpower I had not to excuse myself and go elsewhere ... especially if Sherry felt a chill. My mother used to carry a sweater with her everywhere, too.

Happy (and safe!) trails today!

Unknown said...

I missed saying Happy Birthday to Jude Atticus. My mind has been up-side-down with my computer being worked on. I have gotten some food that was not worth paying for. Check my facebook an up date on Smoky doing better. Lori said
he had a Christian Dr. and he said it guided his hand placing the stent it
was a difficult place. Glad you will be home soon. Everybody gone

Glenda said...

Gorgeous trail, you got some wonderful pics, love those cabbage palms, it does look like a"Peaceful" walk :)

Rick Watson said...

I love the trail but like you, seeing litter drives me crazy. I really don't have a point of reference why someone would toss their trash. I'm not sure if it's education, or simply that someone doesn't care.
When I see trash somewhere, I often pick it up and pocket it, but it's a lot harder when there's that much.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not cold blooded, but when it comes to air conditioning, I often carry a sweater along too. Cold air blowing on you isn't a good thing. Hope the food was worth the wait for you. It looks like you found a great place to walk. I could see what birders would find it a good place to be. Hope you do have safe travels.

Lisa said...

You handled it well. Sometimes the best way to handle a poor situation is to just let it go. Sometimes I just sit and shiver, then I look around to see if I'm the only one or if more seem uncomfortable as well, then hope the owner can take a hint. I hate you had to come across nasty litter on such beautiful grounds. Sad how disrespectful people can be.

Still chilled in NC