Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pork 'n Beans Oh Man!

I am trying to lose 10 pounds.  I'm not really over weight I am right for my height (which varies ;-))  This is all a "Well Kept Secret that I have told EVERYONE".

There are only a couple foods I do not like or do not eat:
Sushi (It just doesn't sound good to me)
Persimmons (too 'mushy ).
I only like dark chocolate with coconut (Mounds bars :) )

I do like and enjoy most foods, preferably fresh. Canned stuff from the Grocers is not Mama's canning, but we do buy canned stuff.

I love Vienna sausage, potted meat, sardines, Tuna and salmon from the can. I do not eat the Vienna and potted meat anymore, too fatty.

So since I am on this kick of trying to lose weight, when I open the cupboard, there is a can of my favorite food staring at me,  VAN CAMP'S PORK AND BEANS, I love 'em.  When I was younger I laughed at the 'pork', a little white cube of meat. I am not sure if it is even there now. But I love the sweet tomato flavor. I always eat the whole can although some foolish person says it contains 3 1/2 servings. HA!

I have eaten many brands of canned Pork & Beans, but the best forever is Van Camp's. Sailors eat 'm, soldiers eat 'em. Miner's eat 'em, Cowboys and cowgirls eat 'em. Hobo's eat 'em.

It is a good snack, while fishing, camping, midnite snack, picnic, when you are happy or when you are depressed.  It is a good dish with any meal.

In conclusion Van Camp's Pork and Beans is one of the best foods in all the world.  Just my humble opinion!

Just so you will know, Imma going to eat that can of  Van Camp's one day for my supper, but not today!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Beans are good for you and I can think of a whole lot of things that are worse to eat. No, you don't need the whole can at one sitting, but you could try to save half for another day and still enjoy them. I love to eat and like most foods too. At this point in my life I never diet. I look like it too, but then I'm happy. Wintertime always means a little weight gain that will be lost in the Spring.

Lisa said...

You amaze me. Not many people can write a fun post about Pork n Beans. You pulled it off! Ha. Im not a big fan of pork n beans but I remember eating them along with potted meat while fishing with grandmaw. Thats just what you do.
Good luck on looseing ten!

Mevely317 said...

Oh dear! Based on your photos ...if you think you need to lose 10 lbs. we're all in trouble! (LOL)

I've never really cared for beans ... but Vienna sausage and potted meats were staples in Momma's pantry. In particular, I recall some oddity called 'scrapple' that Dad would fry in a cast-iron skillet each Sunday. I loved that little screw-thingie you'd use to actually open the can!

Glenda said...

Funny, Jack! Vienna sausages is one of my favorites too....growing up we could have a freezer full of beef and smokehouse with cured hams and all we wished for was baloney and hot dogs!
Enjoy those pork & beans :)

betty said...

I had to laugh at Myra's comment; she's as thin as a board :)

Seeing that can of pork and beans brought up memories of growing up; we ate a lot of them with hot dogs; always a favorite of mine!


Paula said...

Have you ever tried Pork n Beans with some chopped onion and a little bottled bar- b- que sauce mixed in? I love them that way. I really tike Tuna fish with onions, cooked mac and Miracle Whip. Course you won't loose weight with that mac and Miracle Whip.

Rick Watson said...

I'm with you on sushi. I have this thing about eating bait. I did bite a red worm into on a dare when I was young and goofy, but it got no further than the tip of my tongue before I spit it out.
I love pork and beans too. I had a ton of them when I was in the Army and after Jilda and I married and lived living in the trailer we frequently had them with buttered corn bread because that's about all we could afford :)

Shirl Wrap said...

I like pork and beans and hadn't thought about them lately. I like anything that is to eat. My problem I love snacks. Look on the can and see how many
calories is in a can. I don't follow calories but makes me feel better
to read them but don't follow. I try to watch cholesterol but that food is the best.