Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You and I now owe part of 19 trillion dollars

When does a Politicians quit spending?  When he dies!  That must be the answer.  
                                 (Probably not fair, but my feelings)
Since politicians removed the debt ceiling, THEY can keep spending until March 2017 there is not limit to what THEY can borrow.

Every citizen has a different story as to why they are, or are not in debt.  An hour before I read this latest figure Sherry and I were talking.  The subject came up because of all the e-mails I get about consolidating 'our debts' and how to get $1000 added to our SS checks by using some 'obscure and hidden IRS law'. Wipe out your debt in 6 months one e-mail YELLS! Advertisements are constant on Borrow and Pay.  I love the term that has been used since the 1950s very successfully, "Use our easy payment plans." I learned at 17 yrs of age, there are NO EASY PAYMENT PLANS.

Sherry and I bought a mixer, it came with a small metal table for $29.95.  Three easy payments of $12 a month.  We lived TIGHT for 3 months, but it was a good lesson learned.
My daddy's belief was 'Never owe anyone', His exceptions were two things, a car or a house.  The car was a necessity for a preacher, but you can bet he shopped around before he bought.

Sherry's mama and dad were the same. If you have to borrow to get it, you probably don't need it.  I always respected Sherry's mama's resolve. Sherry's parents worked in a 'cotton mill', of course the wages were not high, but with her frugal management, Susie (Sherry's mom), built and paid for 3 houses, before retirement.

We were enforced with the idea, "You cannot spend more than you earn," and "Save something every payday even if it is fifty cents."  We followed those rules and have lived relatively 'debt free'.

Now our government has different rules.  Politicians have learned the more you spend and give away to your 'DISTRICT' the more likely you are to get re-elected to a cushy job!  When you are not responsible for earning the money you spend (Politicians and TV Preachers) you can spend what you want. Like a kid turned loose in a candy store..

I am not gullible to think we can stop all the 'give away'programs immediately, but we sure could cut back on some  of the FREE ICE CREAM THIS WEEK type things.

Trump and Sanders (like 'em or hate 'em) have stirred up something that 'smart politicians' (where are they?) Should have seen coming, the grass roots in both parties, are tired of 'Business as Usual'.  We don't want our kids and greats to be saddled with this kind of debt:
Today the debt:
 As of 02 Feb 2016 at 07:02:19 PM GMT is:

The estimated population of the United States is 322,293,396
YOUR share of this debt is $59,021.44

OUR family alone owes over $960,000 dollars.

For someone who has lived conservatively and kept out of debt, this makes me mad!
Even if you have been in debt all your life, it was a debt YOU made, this one YOU did not make, someone did it in your behalf.

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I never had a 1955 Plymouth, but I did charge my gas, which was paid EVERY month.


Shirl Wrap said...
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Shirl Wrap said...

I had to delete my comment had spelling errors, will try again. When
you said you owed that much money I needed to get to the bank immediately,
Good to see pictures of our parents. They were good people and stayed out of debt. This writing is so little and lite you can't see when you make mistakes.
Nothing new going on just heavy rain this afternoon. I am still trying to
get the mail straighten out after losing 2 letters. I am finding out is not
easy. Oh I forgot Sunday is my volunteer day guess everybody will be talking about PANTHERS..

Rick Watson said...

It's a mess Jack and I'm not sure what the answers are. I don't think anyone has solutions but I agree, people a fed up with business as usual. We need to elect people who can compromise and make decisions that are smart for us all.

Mevely317 said...

Honestly, I'm a bit frightened what sort of world we're leaving our children (and theirs).
Perhaps the biggest 'bogeyman'? The politician (aka, the candy man) whose spiel targets the uninformed ...and unwilling.

betty said...

Ridiculous with the debt. I fear for the country; I don't see it ever getting better and the country ever paying back any (yet alone all) of it. We need responsible leaders who will make better choices on how the money is spent.


Paula said...

I like to listen to some TV preachers but they don't get any of my money. LOL You and your family lived and do live so much like mine.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It took awhile to accumulate that debt and it will be a while before even the greatest of Presidents can get us out of it. There are also a lot of people that owe our country a lot of money...that will probably never be repaid. We need some financial wizards to make it right again. Living debt free is good, it took me a while to get there, but I did. Hopefully our country will too.

Lisa said...

I will say, We do not have much and live tight pay check to pay check but My husband is another believer that if you don't have cash money to buy it, don't get it with the expectation of our house and cars. We are not in debt because of his smart thinking but our Health insurance is more than any car or house payment we make.

Broke in Gtown