Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Is there anyone in your family younger than you?

Computers and cell phones are wonderful additions to our lives. Sorta like a refrigerator, it is absolutely wonderful until it gives out with $265.35 worth of meat in the freezer, then it becomes a headache.

Sherry has handled the phones for many years now. When I went deaf, we still kept both phones.  She carried and answered them. Then when texting came about I began to use one for texting, but she still carries them to answer the VERBAL calls.

Okay, the reason for this post. One of the phones seemed to give up the ghost. She could still call on it, but not use other functions. It also quit recording a log of the calls received and made.  I did all I knew to do. First turned it OFF, powered it down and removed at battery for a short period, re-installed and powered up. Nada.

So to the Verizon store where we got the phones 3 yrs ago.  Young man about 20 yrs old invited us to his desk. Listened to Sherry's explanation, took the phone, looked it over then keyed some stuff into his computer.  Removed the battery, SIM card and re-installed them. Again nada.

WE talked a few minutes, he hemmed and hawed a little and asked,"Would you like to upgrade? This phone is pretty old." We both said no, he looked uncomfortable for a few more  seconds. Then this rep for Verizon, in the store where they were the phone was purchased, uncomfortably asked this OLD COUPLE, "Is there anyone in your family younger than you?" as he handed the phone back to Sherry he continued, "Maybe they can help you."  Then as sort of an after thought he continued, "Or you can dial *611 for Customer Service."

Back in the car we cracked up. There sure ain't no one in our house OLDER than us! Then Sherry laughed, wasn't he younger than us, he should have helped.

Lemme tell you, if it wasn't for stuff like this, life would be boring!

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PS: We will take the phone in to a service center, we might even UPGRADE!  LOL   And yes, later I realized the kid was a salesman but he just could not bring himself to say, 'I don't have a clue.'


Some folk know how to get the max out of their vehicles.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does seem as if young people can handle anything technical better than I can and I do usually go to them when I have questions, but it seems that a sales person should know more than that about your phone. Hope they can fix it for you at the service center. I know I'd be lost without my phone.

betty said...

I was going to suggest to turn the phone off, but it seems like you had already tried that multiple times. I couldn't hear on my phone recently, could hear it ring, could receive texts and send texts, but if someone called, I couldn't hear them. I did turn it off and it worked after I turned it back on. Our phones are just over 2 years old. I think they build them only to last until the next upgrade myself. My tablet is about 2-1/2 years old. Recently I forgot to bring the charger with us when we were in Phoenix, so I thought we would just go and buy a new one. Nope; they didn't carry them at Verizon, too old of a piece of equipment, however, they were willing to help put me into a new tablet :) (I declined)


Lisa said...

You said that word "NO". He was done with you after that. haha. We have Verizon and they have some pretty cheap plans now for the new phones. I was a late bloomer getting a smart phone. My husband just let go of his flip phone last year.

I'm the youngest in my house most of the time :)

Paula said...

I hate cell phones, it seems we are always talking over each other. Maybe that is because we have old flip phones. I still love my land line.

Theanne Crossett said...

My grandkids could probably help you out :) I bought an upgraded phone recently but couldn't get any bars at my house (there's a tower right in the neighborhood) ... even though my two old phones get fantastic bars. Plus I didn't want to pay all the extra money for a satellite the process of trying to figure the danged thing out I lost the number I'd had since 2010...rats!! So I'm happy to say I'm HAPPILY using one of my older phones and everything is hunky dory again :)

Mevely317 said...

Just hearing the words, 'customer service' anymore makes me grimace.

So far (knock wood) our cellular service (Verizon) is behaving. Instead, our challenges lie with Cox Cable. The rep came out Monday to exchange the converter box-thingie. Then, on account he must have been feeling charitable, he gave us a new multi-function remote. No lie, Tom was on the phone with customer service for near an hour last night trying to learn how to turn off the 'closed captioning' function. The Customer Service girl said they could send someone out to give us a tutorial on the remote "for a fee." (No, I'm not going to say what Tom told her in return! LOL.)

Shirl Wrap said...

Technology left me long time ago..I have a cell phone and it has all the
features but I don't need them. If things change I will learn all the features. I am getting along just find so far don't need anything else.

Rick Watson said...

Phones are fickle. I'm not sure anyone has all the answers when they start messing up. You should have told that kid that he would be your age sooner than he can imagine.

Glenda said...

Wow, feel your pain, have had iPhone for two years and STILL don't know how to use it, my twenty something nephew talked me into it while I was visiting in Missouri and didn't realize there no hard copy of operating manual!!!
[clueless in Chobee]