Monday, February 22, 2016

What is that scent?

There are certain scents that cause everyone's mind to wander to another time. Biscuits baking? My mind goes to mama's kitchen. When I smell an orange or tangerine, my mind goes to Christmas Treats that churches always gave out at Christmas, when I was a kid. We seldom had oranges unless it was Christmas time.

If I smell Pine-sol, I know the bathroom is clean or being cleaned. LOL!  If I smell Carnations, I think of a funeral for some reason.

Some ladies change their preference of perfumes as time goes on, or they are introduced to another, newer fragrance.  I do not remember my mama having perfume, but I was always concerned when I read 'toilet water' on bottles! Smelled good but the name didn't make any sense. But I remember  mama always smelled good, just like mama!

I bought my girl some Chanel #5 once.  I don't remember if she suggested it, if she had used it before or what. But today if I get a whiff of Chanel #5, I think of my lover.  It is still her favorite fragrance (and mine).

Sherry and I have been making trips to Florida for many years. WE have spent our winters there mostly since 1998 (methinks). Once down town Bradenton, Florida I smelled a strange odor. I could not identify. Bradenton has a Giant Tropical Orange processing plant. Someone said, "Tropical is burning orange residue,  peelings etc."

The Florida smell I remember most, I only smelled once, HUGE and in abundance. One morning in the campground I went outside and was hit by one of the sweetest natural smells I can remember. The air hung with a scent so heavy it seemed unnatural. Sherry and I stood there enjoying the smell and she says, it must be the Orange Blossoms.  I did not think of it, but that is what it was. I have caught the scent a few time since, but that day it was like you could feel it.

Oranges have a long picking season, it is so long that sometimes the trees bloom with fruit still waiting to be picked.  Blossoms do not hang around long, they have a job to do, they are not just a flower, but a precursor to some magnificent fruit, the citrus.

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But for folks who like camping or the outdoors, there is nothing like the smell of the campfire



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do miss the smell of a campfire burning. Every now and then for some reason I get a sniff of wood burning here in our neighborhood and it brings back some good memories for me.

betty said...

Walking by a house with someone cooking bacon brings back memories of growing up :) And who can resist the smell of baking bread at the store?

So thankful for noses to be able to smell :)


Elizabeth said...

I love the smell
Of coffee perking on a camp stove! When I am walking or riding my bike in the neighborhood love the smells coming from different homes,pork chops or chicken frying!

Lisa said...

My favorite aroma is citrus smells but what brings back most memories is when I smell fried chicken. Makes me think of Sunday dinners at grandmas.

Them biscuits though!

Mevely317 said...

LOL on the toilet water!!! Where d-ya suppose that name came from anyway?

In spite of spending so much time in Florida, I don't think I've ever caught the aroma of an orange blossom. But gosh, how I miss the scent of a gardenia! Mother's bush used to bloom like clockwork each Spring. Pity, they wouldn't stand a chance to survive in Arizona.

Paula said...

John just told me recently when a friend of his quit smoking he told him when he walks into a room and sees a man smoking a cigar he makes sure he sits downwind from him .

Unknown said...

When you are growing gardenia flowers that is a strong sweet smell. Walking pass fast food restaurants you smell food and it make you hungry. I do like
to smell biscuits baking in the oven.

Rick Watson said...

Simmering hot apple spice cider transports me. And my mama's pecan pies baking in the oven was as close to heaven as it gets. But the aroma of fresh coffee brewing isn't bad :)