Tuesday, February 2, 2016


In most of our travels we do not know folks in the towns and RV parks where we stay. But this year it is a little different. Over the several winters we have stayed near and touched base with Don and Evelyn from Belmont, NC. Sherry was in school with Evelyn.  The girls always have a lot to talk about.  The talks are great morale boosters for Sherry. When we arrived yesterday as soon as she could, she went over to Don & Evelyn's RV. (I had to go round her up, they are 4 or 5 RV's away from us) Of course I sat to chat with Don for awhile.

We also have friends that have moved back east from New Mexico.  Our old friend  Buddy and his sweet wife Di are a few miles west of us here. We haven't seen them so far this year they are being 'care givers' to 'Charlie' a  beautiful old blonde Cocker Spaniel, and cannot leave him. We do hope to see them at least for a chat before we leave.

Then South of us will be Dallas and Marian, from Pennsylvania..  We met them during our hitch in the USMC (1956).  Dallas and I spent most of our short Corps career together.  We married our sweethearts about the same time and lived in the same trailer park.  We will get to touch base with them before we leave.
 Robert Dallas and I, remembering the days when we spent most nights talking about our girls, Sherry and Marion.
The ever smiling and beautiful Marion (the youngest of the group)

There is something 'sweet' about friends.  And with our lifestyle we enjoy them when we can.

Not many miles east of here Are REAL Floridians, Wayne and Juanita. From the time we bought in Tavares, FL until now they have been dear friends. Juanita beat cancer years ago, a bubbly sweetheart. Wayne is a big Teddy Bear.  We haven't been able to see them this year. Juanita has a disease she has not been able to whip this time, she does not know us anymore.  And we do miss that.
We  spent a lot of time together. We traveled to assess the damage after Katrina together. Wayne had raised some money and wanted to see first hand, where it could be best used. We had a fantastic trip together.

Life all the time is real, however, there are times it ain't fun.

But it is a fact, Friends make life SHINE!

Nite Shipslog
Friend Wayne once drove the old stock cars on central Florida Dirt Tracks. I enjoyed the tales.


betty said...

Its nice to have a great group of friends like you and Sherry have, and have stayed in contact with each other over the years! That is amazing in itself!


Lisa said...

Thanks for introducing us to your friends. Something we all need in life.
My father in law and uncle raced vintage stock cars. We still have one of them and another one or two are in a museum. I bet they all knew each other . It would be Jerry and Jim Dimeo.

Your friend

Shirl Wrap said...

Jim raced and won the Soap Box Derby race in 1947 does that count. Don and Evelyn looking good they are my friends. When you move you make new ones. I am fortunate to have good friends. Life is different as we grow older but still good.

Glenda said...

It's great you got back to where you can do meetups with your compadres! Evelyn is close enough that she and Sherry will have lots of
opportunity for "girl chat" :) Am thinking you and Dallas have some great stories to reminisce about. Hope the weather treats you well and you get to hook up with everyone on your wish list!!!

Rick Watson said...

Life wouldn't be as much fun if we didn't have friends to share it with.

Mevely317 said...

Heartwarming stuff here, Jack.
It's pretty neat to see the faces behind some of the cast members from The Vacation!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you get to visit with all your friends. They do make life sweet ! You are very blessed to have quite a few and not very far away. Funny I just did a post on friendship today. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Paula said...

Glad you two are getting to visit with friends. I was able to visit with an old friend yesterday. We ate the best Talapia and had ice cream at the ice cream shop. My friends and I seem to always include eating in our visits,