Monday, February 29, 2016

Mirror, Mirror on the wall (reflections)

I remember that line from a 'Fairy Tale' of my youth.  Although it was not a fun tale, it brings out the power of the mirror.

We look into a mirror and see ourselves, we see what we want to see. There are days when I am shaving that I will look at myself and try to remember what I looked like at 17. I cannot come close to remembering. I look and try to see my dad in me, but I cannot.

Sherry can look in the mirror and say, I am old! I look at her and she is young and beautiful.  I understand she is seeing herself. She is looking at gray hair and a few wrinkles,  I am looking at the girl I met in my youth.

Mirrors may tell the truth, but it is eyes that interpret what they see. And my friend, that is what that counts, the interpretation.  Every house I have built for us has 'required' apposing mirrors so one could get a 360 degree view (or the back of my girls head to see if she needed to touch up her hair-do.)

Have you ever watched someone use a 'hair pick'? To someone else it doesn't look as if anything was done. But to the lady, she might have only moved one hair, but it NEEDED fixing.

Mirrors are a necessity. When my girl leaves a mirror and she is smiling, I am a happy dude.

There was a time when no mirrors existed. The only reflections was in water.  I liked the shots I have enclosed.

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Lisa said...

I see age when I look the mirror. First thing in then morning, I pass the mirror. I wonder if they are sleep wrinkles or age wrinkles. Then I become friends with the mirror for the next few minutes trying to fix any flaws. I've laughed in the mirror and cried in the mirror.

Mirrors are the cause of the Selfie epidemic .

betty said...

I liked the pictures you shared here too. Most days I try to avoid the mirror, LOL, but I'm glad I have it when I really want to take a peek at myself and how I might look :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love all the pictures you put in your post too. The reflections are beautiful! I can quite imagine that Sherry's reflection is beautiful too!

Mevely317 said...

I like what your special touch, making sure 'opposing' mirrors were included in your designs. (I been known to refer to them "rear view mirrors.")

Many folks say I look like my mother ... but just the other day I was scrutinizing my reflection and couldn't see a thing. I believe you nailed it on the head when you said it's all interpretation, and that's what counts! Sherry's a lucky lady, indeed!

Paula said...

Like all the pictures and like the details you added to your houses for Sherry.