Saturday, February 13, 2016


Personal Public apology to my friend Buddy and his lovely wife. Honest I did not get the e-mail until this morning! I am sorry. I cannot explain the delay

Now to Samidges, Buddy ate them also and pronounced the name the same....

Well, that is how I used to say Sandwich.  I have always thought I could live off sandwiches. I guess that wouldn't work too well on a diet, the bread, mayo and all. 

I bet some of you eat strange sandwiches.  I know some folk think I do:
I love a lettuce, onion and mustard sandwich.
Grilled cheese and onion sandwich. (Yeah, I like onions).
Sliced banana, a slice of American cheese and mayo, is another favorite of mine.

 sandwiches do not match the dialog

Sandwiches are easy to eat and very few dishes to wash. So you save on detergent and your water bill. :). 

Now the old stand by, just mayo and sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper is hard to beat.

Then you add the lettuce and if available Bacon.

I like ham, cheese and mustard.

Scrambled egg with diced onions on buttered toast.
Fried egg, ham and cheese.

Sherry makes a great tuna salad sandwich. 
In Gitmo Sherry used to fix us ham and Swiss on rye for lunch.

Now this all comes from trying to lose a lousy 10 lbs. I am down 3 or 4 lbs and stopped dead at 163.  I think I will just eat a Turkey! (Probably the scales)

And then there is the hamburger with mayo, lettuce, onion and tomato.
I cannot forget the Reuben, usually airport food is sorta like pasteboard, but for some reason Sherry & I were in Miami Airport and ordered a Reuben, it was the best we have ever had.

Oh man, once a friend who knew Philly, took me down to a questionable shop on the water front and I had my first Philly cheese steak hoagie. MMMMMMM I have ordered the cheese steak all over the country, none have ever came up to that first one.
Okay name a good place, or a great sandwich! I already have a note from Myra about a deli south of Port Richey I gotta try!

I'm outa here, I want a sandwich!
Nite Shipslog

Where did this come from? I didn't say a thing aboug Ice cream sandwich!


This looks like a 1953 Caddy Pick up.


Lisa said...

I always a call it a Samwich. I like them all except I have never been a fan of the banana Sandwich. I like to make flufferNutter Sandwiches ( grilled peanut butter and marshmallow cream). I also like my homemade pimento cheese. But nothing beats just a good ole Tomato samwich.

Now I want an Icecream sandwich. Thanks.

betty said...

Great you lost a few pounds! Mix up your diet a bit for the next few days; eat heavier for a few days and then go back to what you were doing. Confuse your body a bit; sometimes it gets used to the less food and then the weight loss is at a standstill.

All great sandwiches you featured here. The one I like the best is the ice cream sandwich!


Mevely317 said...

Now you've got my 'spit' spouting! I think samidges qualify as comfort food, don't you?

The original recipe's long disappeared, but I remember my mother using her MIL's meat grinder to make something called "East Hampton Spread" -- bologna, celery, hard-boiled eggs, (and gosh-knows what else), tossed with poor-folk's mayo (Miracle Whip). Yummmm!

Theanne Crossett said...

congratulations on those pounds you've lost...I've got til May to prove to my doc that I can lose some far I'm not doing very much in the way of losing :) I used to eat a lot of grilled cheese "samitches" :) I used to love BLTs on toast, still eat them rarely, without the of my favorites was potato chips on fresh white I don't eat potato chips or white bread. I ate a fantastic Rueben once out at a deli in Virginia those were the days :) Nice post thanks for reminding me of all I'm missing by NOT eating sandwiches much anymore :)

Shirl Wrap said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shirl Wrap said...

I deleted my comments I can't spell anymore. I prof read and still make
errors. I was just talking about sandwiches and wanting to loose 5 lbs
and glad you lost some lbs. It is not easy they tell me we will gain some
with age "Did I say that?". Thank goodness we are not over weight.

Rick Watson said...

I'm making me a samiige before I go to bed. I hope you're happy mister :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I eat a lot of sandwiches. This week I had some tuna salad ones on a croissant. Sandwiches are a quick way to make a meal. It's the bread though that puts on the pounds. I could stand to loose a few pounds, but then I like to eat too much.

Blogger said...

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