Thursday, February 4, 2016

I love Dogs, I even like cats

Traveling with pets can be complicated. We haven’t had a pet since the boys left home. The main reason is,
we are on the go. If we had a pet when we started I am sure we would have taken it along and enjoyed it.

EVERY RV Park has pet rules. The main two are: 1. You must clean up after your pet. 2. The pet must be leashed at all times. Both rules are flagrantly ignored by a few pet owners that tend to irritate us who have no pets.

If I had a dollar for every dog pile I stepped in as a kid, I would not be rich, but I would have a small bank roll. In my youth, no one leashed their dog, most seldom cleaned up after them. My dog Ace had to be chained in the yard, because he loved to chase chickens.  When I was with him he was never on a leash and he would mind me, BUT times changed. Towns came up with leash laws and dogs could not run loose. Cats always have continued to run loose but I have never heard of a cat mauling a kid or older person. I had an English Water Spaniel, Ace. He didn't have papers (I guess he was illegal) but I sure loved that dog, he was a gift from my Aunt Ann Harbinson.

But back to the rules. One of our acquaintances in an RV park NEVER leashes his dog, it is a smaller dog and very smart and I have never seen it misbehave, but I have this thing about pet rules.  Another acquaintance has two pit Bulls, they have a leash, but no one is holding them, just hanging. They too are mannerly (or have been so far) but I do not trust a Pit Bull, it’s a personal thing.

Yesterday on our walk we saw a leashed cat. That is always a funny site. I have seen a cat stop, stretch and out on the road or path, ignoring the human they own.

Many parks have a rule about the weight of a dog, none over 45 pounds.  That rule is also ignored, even by the park owners, because they get paid extra for the pets.

Most pet owners DO OBEY the rules, but there is always the 10% as they say!

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PS: Most folks today do not know you can love and get love with a mixed breed dog.



bonney knox said...

When I see the quote "The main reason women are crazy is because men are stupid," I'm reminded of an evangelist who would always tell the congregation when everyone was laughing so hard, "That's a laugh of identification." So I have to ask myself why I am laughing so hard!

betty said...

Almost every city we have lived in has the leash your dog and clean up after your dog, and like you said,it is usually ignored by a small percentage of people. I used to "love" when walking Koda that we would come across someone that had their dog off leash and they would say "oh he's friendly" only to have him come up to Koda and be aggressive. The look on their faces!

Pit bulls scare me; I know a lot of people like them and have them as pets, but in the majority of the reports I type that people are being treated for dog bites, the breed is a pit bull, and it is in all types of situations, breaking up dog fights, etc. I would never consider one as a pet.

Across the way from us is a couple that have a Husky dog and a cat. The cat freely roams (was featured on my last blog post about the quail block). When they take the dog out for a walk, the cat will follow behind for a bit; so cute to see :)

Son and DIL have a dog and she and her daughter had a cat before. Cat and dog have learned to get along with each other and the cat has learned how to use the doggie door to get outside :)


Lisa said...

When I was young that's how it was. The dogs ran loose along side of the children often protecting them. I had a collie (just like Lassie). I have not had a pet since I was young. My daughter is allergic to them for one reason and we don't want the responsibility for the other. I hate when people do not obey pet rules. And never believe an owner when they say "oh he would never bite". I love kittens best, but they turn into cats.

Petless in NC

Shirl Wrap said...

I agree they should be on a leash when taking them for a walk. I think
they should clean up after them. You know I had Chancy a standard poodle who lived to be 21 years old. Jim bought her and I took care of her. I love
animals but will not get another just like taking care of a child. She was a good dog and travelled with us.

Paula said...

I've always been more of a cat person but now I think I am a cow person.

Mevely317 said...

These images are wonderful!

I never used to be afraid of dogs, even pit bulls. Unfortunately, my leg was "well mauled" some years ago by our family pet (a lab mix). An ensuing infection left me hospitalized nearly a week ... on home healthcare another 3 ... and worse, leery of any unleashed animal.

Rick Watson said...

Leash laws! Ain't no stinking leash laws here mister. In fact, I'm not sure there's a law against murder here :) We've always had big dogs. Even now, our collie weighs 90 pounds but he's in our fenced yard when he's now walking with us on our farm. If I take him anywhere in public, he's on a leash.
We've had rescue dogs that were pard pit bull. They were delightful creatures but a neighbor had pits that he raised for fighting and they were vicious and rarely on a leash.
No matter what subject you mention, some people are courteous and some are turds (excuse my language) but it describes them well.
Responsibility and manners go a long way in most areas of life.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is always someone that has to break the rules. No matter where you go. And I don't just mean the ones about dogs. I figure there is a reason rules are made and always have tried to keep them. Enforcing rules isn't easy as any parent can tell you. That's life. Too bad some make it unpleasant for others.