Thursday, February 25, 2016

I have no title for this post

This evening as I try to follow a debate on 'live blogs' and get my mind set for this entry, I have no idea which way I am going. LOL. I was a Democrat until I felt the Democrats left me so now I am registered as a Republican, but have no idea who I am going to vote for. I have voted for folks of both parties over the years.

We have been asked where we have our state residence, and where we vote?  Our residence is in Florida.  We were both raised in North Carolina and when I retired from the Navy we returned to NC.  We both worked in NC until the time Sherry could retire.  After a couple false starts we put out house up for sale and moved into our RV, to live on the road.

We gave the Realtor a few months, and our house did not sale. It was turned over to a real estate manager and we hit the road. So we still own a few pieces of property here in NC and live off the rent and our retirements.  It finances our escapades and gives us a home base here in NC if we need it.

When you are full time in the motorhome you learn from other full-timers. Find a state that you like that has no state income tax and move your residence there. We did our research and liked Florida. We had lived in the Keys for a few years, so we set up our residence in Florida. We try to live in Florida the required 6 months out of a year to be residents.  Once we bought on Lake Dora and settled for a couple years. BUT we missed the road, sold that place and hit the road again.

So we vote in Florida. We are not allowed to vote in the local elections, but that is fine, but we vote in county, state and federal elections.  We always do it by absentee ballots.  Those two ballots are in my view as I sit here, My question is who will get the check mark?  LOL

NC has a state tax, but since we are here less than 2-4 months a year I don't feel a bit bad at not paying the income tax.  However we do pay enough property taxes to pay the part time salary of a county employee. LOL

Times up!

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betty said...

It can be confusing in a situation like yours to try to figure out how and why to register to vote. The important things is you still try to make the effort to do so. I'm not sure who I am voting for this year; I can only be thankful our primaries aren't for a few months and the general election doesn't come until November.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have decided who I'm not going to vote for so by the process of elimination, I'm trying to decide who I will vote for. We live in some difficult times and that calls for some difficult decisions too. I'm just thankful to be able to vote at this point.

Yaya Snaps said...

I too know who I'm NOT going to vote for...which doesn't really make the choosing any easier.

Glenda said...

Best "read" of the day!!!

Lisa said...

I'm registered "Unaffiliated" Because I like to have the choice to vote either way. I will say I'm voting for Republican this go around and probably for now on. I truly believe the Democrat have lost it!.

They are all clowns in a different circus.

Mevely317 said...

LOL-ing about Lisa's 'clown' comment!

Relocating (from Florida) held some unpleasant surprises ... one of which is Arizona's state income tax. Your due diligence was wise, indeed!

Like my parents, I've always considered myself a Republican, but the way in which the GOP has been conducting itself -- filling up my e-mail, making robo calls at all hours, etc. -- has begun to leave a nasty taste in my mouth.
I made up my mind some time ago who's got my vote, so at least that takes some of the indecision off my plate.

Paula said...

Interesting post. There is probably a lot of different things to think about when you live in your RV and travel all over.

Rick Watson said...

Sounds like I'm the black sheep of your blog buddies because I've never voted in a Republican primary and I never will. I'm a card carrying Democratic.
I get pounded each election season by my conservative friends but I vote my way and let them vote theirs.
The voting pool is shallow in both parties this year. I long for the days when you had brilliant people on both tickets that could do the job well and either one could work with congress to move out great country in the right direction.
Most of the Republicans here are campaigning on the promise to oppose Obama. They must not realize that when they win, Obama will no longer be in office when they take the oath next January. The upside for them is that they accomplished their campaign promises.
We need vision not obstruction.