Friday, February 5, 2016

Some things level the playing field

It's dangerous, but I have been thinking. Most of us cannot even imagine how it would be to live in a Penthouse or under a bridge.  Most of us cannot fathom being able to rent for $60,000 a month.  We also cannot imagine sleeping in a cardboard box on a heat grate on the streets of NYC.  
 Above is the view from a $60,000 a month penthouse in NYC
This is another person living in a box in NYC

We live in different worlds. Sherry and I have all we need.  We live and are extremely happy in less than 380 sqft (Our bedroom was bigger than that when we decided to down size).  We own two 2800 sqft houses, each with two garages. We have friends that have less, and friends that have much more. BUT the field levels mentally, when the guy under the bridge and the one in the Penthouse is diagnosed with incurable cancer. 

Then, I am sure, that lives are examined, plans are made, but DEATH the equalizer, is certain. The end is near and a BILLION DOLLARS in cash cannot change the outcome.

There are times in our lives the field is level, mentally.  If you are truly in love, the wedding day is the high light of your life. Rich or poor love is a thing of the heart (Not Wealth). The heart really doesn't care how big the engagement ring is.  The heart wants to join with a like minded heart,  BE HAPPY and FULFILLED. So (In my humble opinion) whether the wedding costs less than twenty dollars (as ours did) or millions, if it is true love, with the hearts, THE FIELD IS LEVEL.

NOW conversely, if TRUE LOVE brought your marriage together, whether you are a billionaire or a working stiff, at a break up, HEARTS BREAK, even the wealthiest of hearts break and bring on depression.  At that time, the field is level as a heart breaks.

If your marriage produced children, do you remember the thrill? I do, and we were living on a very low salary. I was the happiest guy in the world.  Hey, even royalty is an example of thrilled parents. But a prince could not have been happier than I, when Jack Jr. and Mark David were born.  So the field is leveled at times for us humans.

The root of this entry was the confession of a billionaire's wife who after many years of marriage, it fell apart. She still had wealth, but a broken put her into depression. I can understand that part, this guy would be depressed if Sherry were to leave.

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PS: A lady stopped us on our walk and said, "Everyone enjoys seeing you love birds walking around the park holding hands." Yep my playing field is level,  I am as happy as any king.

 1967 Marlin (AMC)
Oh THAT 1967 Corvair


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh. I was just typing a post along the same lines as this one. Different, but on the same level. Wow. Great minds think alike.

I agree Rich is in the heart!

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful analogies here!
You're right about death and heart-break being great equalizers. Right away, a recent image of Celine Dion's ravaged expression came to mind. I wonder how many people used to wish they could change places (into) her charmed life ... now, of course, not so much.

betty said...

As they say, money does not buy happiness, having a content heart in any circumstance is a good thing, I think you and Sherry have achieved that.


Glenda said...

So very true Jack, Gramma always said "You got your Health, you've got your Wealth." Health and Happiness, and a Grateful heart; much more important than silver and gold. Although, it's handy to have some "hay in the barn" for those unexpected expenses. ["You can take the girl out of the country..."]