Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some information in the life of Jackie

(Son Mark  looking at Bar Harbor Maine from atop Cadillac Mountain)
Pictures are of the USA!
I was born Jan 17, 1939 at home. I have never seen the house, but it is in (South) Gastonia, NC.  Dad was a preacher and had founded and built the South Gastonia Church of God. Our family totaled 9 but we lost two, a baby boy an a sister Ovaline, who lived a short time. I was the baby of the family, mama's pet. (Sister Shirl was Daddy's pet). We moved in my lifetime. Shelby, High Shoals, Burlington, Albemarle, Valdese and Belmont all in North Carolina. I had two brothers who served honorably in the USN during WWII. Both OLDER sisters married great guys who became close friends.
(Looking down into the Grand Canyon)
No one could convince me the importance of an education, so I dropped out of school.  I had many jobs, but made a career of the military, USMC, USAF and the USN.  If anyone reading is familiar with the military pay grades, I served over 8 years as an E-3. LOL  (I am a glutton for punishment).  At 17, Not long after quitting school, Sherry saw 'some good in me' and we married. The smartest move in my whole life.
(Sonny and I at Pikes Peak)
After retiring from the USN, I tried the Roach Coach business for a couple years. Then I went into the building business, studied and became a general contractor.
(Arch at St. Louis)
This is an election year.  I have always tried to participate in the political process. I love this country and  with all its warts, wrinkles and scars, it is absolutely the BEST COUNTRY in the world. As I have said, I have been a registered Democrat, Republican and Independent. I have voted for all three, the Independent being Ross Perot.

(Above, fishing in Alaska)

(The USAF Academy Chapel, this place is gigantic)
I have always voted for someone I thought would run this country using the Federal Income $'s and balance the budget.  I haven't always picked a winner.  Looking back over the years, hind sight is GREAT, It is actually hard to tell if either party has done any better than the other. The politicians have been 'sweetly' defined by comment-er, Lisa, as being:  all clowns in a different circus.   My best friend, a registered died in the wool Democrat, Sonny Boy Helms described them as cheeks of the same butt.
(INSIDE A giant Redwood, xxxx National Park)
I have never been a Libertarian, after this year, that may be next. To be honest I like SOME of the things Trump has said, I JUST WISH SOMEONE ELSE WAS SAYING THEM!
 (Mt Rushmore,  with son Mark on the left and Son Jack on the right)
Please vote, vote your conscience. BUT VOTE.  I have no idea WHO will get my vote at this time, but I know someone will.
(The last picture, very fitting for this year, Crazy Horse Monument)

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PS: I realized after I had placed the pictures that this was almost a duplicate entry from one in the past.  But it's ready so here goes.

 These cars were new when I discovered America. The Lasalle above and the Ford below.


betty said...

You said it well to get out and vote. Not sure who is getting mine this year either, but will get out there to do so when the time comes.


jack69 said...

Ricks comment on Onions:Hey Jack,
I'm not sure what's going on but the Capsha on your blog won't let me comment. It may be my iPad but it's happened a few times now cause

Yep those green onions are the first thing out here. We picked up som sand Spurs in Florida a few years ago and now they hit our lawn early in the year until the grass comes up and chokes them out.
Take care of yourself Jack.

I don't know much to do about the problem, but is anyone else having problems? Imma look into it and see if I can find anything.

Thanks Rick!

Mevely317 said...

There've been times I cast my vote for "the lesser of the two evils" ... but I've always been proud to exercise my right.

Now, the electoral college? I probably wouldn't lose any sleep were it to go away. LOL!

Lisa said...

I have had the same problem on some blogs. I then switch to a different browser like firefox or google and it works.

Lisa said...

Very Interesting Jack! I love hearing your stories. I think Sherry made it nearly perfect for you. I like the way you think. I voted ol RP too. People called me crazy.

Ill be voting soon


Paula said...

I like your comment about Trump. I hear people saying Trump has some good ideas and he probably does but some of the things that come out of his mouth make me think he will make a fool of the United States Of America.

Glenda said...

Wow, must have missed the previous life history blog entry. Learned some things today; that pic of Mark & Jackie Jr is so cool, let's run one of them for President. They'd bring a whole lot of class to the field; as it's totally lacking.

One day I like Trump and the next day he makes me gag, but I saw where Benghazi veterans group posted their endorsement ~ along with a story about Trump Airlines getting the troops out and am wavering again. I would not spit on Hilary if were on fire, detest her. just sayin

You two have a great day!!!

Shirl Wrap said...

I will see if it will let me comment. Hope you get the Motor Home back soon.
Maybe they will hurry. As ole Frank sings That's Life. Just thought about this the computer is not home..