Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friends and Stuff

Marian and Dallas, our friends from Pennsylvania from the mid 1950's, had planned to come up to see us, but they were waiting for someone to come fix the TV in the rental.  So after Sherry's Dr. appt, we drove down to Orlando.

It is always such a joy to see them.  Dallas has had more jobs than I, methinks. His last business was raising Turkeys. A job he loved, but  for 20 years kept them tied down.  Dallas also collects tractors. He has five or six antique tractors, they all are in running condition.  

WE have a lot in common.
1.  WE are HS dropouts.

2.  We both dreamed of being Marines.

3.  We fell in love with sweet girls. 
4.  We married these girls within a month of each other. WE all were in our teens.
5.  We moved these girls into small trailers in the same trailer park about the same time and they became close friends.
6.  Eventually we both had our own successful businesses (after a couple failures).
7.  We have been married to those same girls for over 59 years, we were lucky dogs, they are still  beautiful ladies.

We have many of the same traits and we both 'got old'.  That is where we separated, I am about 20 pounds heavier than in 1956. He is probably 5 lbs less.

That upsets me some, but the rascal still has hair, 'at ain't right!

But to be honest, he did get old.  Dallas still smokes, I quit a few years back.

So I got to thinking, I used to say my dad was born when cars were just beginning and He lived to see a man on the moon. Pointing out technological advances.

Then I thought, it is funny the youngsters I see today have no idea what life is like without a remote control.  What life is like to keep a phone call on a pay phone below 3 minutes or you will pay dearly.  They do not understand automatic transmissions have not always existed. They have no idea what it is like to see a horse and buggy on the road except for tourists in tourist towns.

The youth today have no concept of solid citizens hitch hiking, as we did, from our Military base, to home and back.  Dallas hitch-hiked to Pennsylvania most weekends from Camp Lejeune, NC. 
(I wasn't fair to Dallas, he had a terrible cramp in his hand when I took the picture and Marian forced him to smile!)
WE haven't always stayed close, mostly cards at birthdays and Christmas. We have dropped by to see them and they us, over the years. They are pleasant friends, family folk the kind of people you  just 'LIKE', because of who they are. (besides they bought lunch!)

Nite Shipslog
PS: If you read my books you will find Dallas in the books as a friend, the corporation attorney and manager.


 I got away from hitch hiking first, with a 1950 chevy coupe

Dallas was next with the 1950 Olds. He once rebuilt or changed the engine with an adjustable wrench, vice grips and a screw driver. (Marian said he had a bucket of parts left over, but it still ran!)

If we had airbags, they would have looked like this!


Mevely317 said...

What sweet parallels you and Dallas have enjoyed!

You're right. It's astonishing to realize what technological changes have occurred in my own brief (*wink*) lifetime!
... And here in my 'home away from home' (workplace) there exists a Big old gender gap. For instance? Recently someone mentioned it being the anniversary of the Challenger disaster ... disappointing, indeed, to see the blank look on two or three faces.

Theanne Crossett said...


Lisa said...

Great friend story. I have a friend I grew up with and we even had children at the same time. We went through a lot of "First" together. After our girls started school, we separated for unknown reasons. Life I guess. But she will stop by and see me every year or so here at work. When she does, We talk like we haven't missed a moment together.

keeping warm in the Carolinas

Paula said...

Nothing like keeping friends. One of mine came to see me a few weeks ago from Mico, Texas. Up near Medina Lake.

Shirl Wrap said...

Friends from the 50 is wonderful. Most of my older friends are from Valdese.
When your DAD is a minister you move and leave younger friends. Lasting friends are from HS and that in Valdese. Greta and I are still in touch. I do have work and Church Friends. I guess I am there..."JACK DON'T GO THERE".
My Brother can't believe I am getting older. Love you Brother

betty said...

How neat to get together like that! And to have someone else to pay for lunch :) Delightful friends I am sure and wonderful to have kept up with each other for all these years!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those two look like they are enjoying life. Having a long friendship like that is a blessing for sure. Not many can say they've had a long lasting friendship like that. Glad you had the opportunity to get together ! Snowy and cold here in Ohio. Hope you are keeping warm in the chilly south.